New Curve app languages

I suggest add new languages to the Curve app like: Polish, German, French, Spanish etc. At setting up an account in the Curve app, I also suggest using a universal address form, not a typical UK address form


Hi @pawelnyczaj

I’ve offered to translate the app to Spanish and to Catalan via the App. I’ll wait for an answer and I’ll keep you informed just in case you’d like to help translating to other languages.




This is something we are considering doing in the long-term @pawelnyczaj

That would be great when the time comes @aalcaine :slight_smile: If our customers would prefer to have support in Spanish and Catalan as well, we might do the whole process within the team.

What do you think? With the app being in various languages - should customer support also be offered in the respective languages?

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In my case, I am Spanish, and I am totally ok with having Curve available just in English. In my opinion, the English language is something all of us should learn and speak. Although I guess that strategically for Curve it is a better option to be available in different languages since then the market is much wider and it reaches many more people.
So summarizing, if we can get Curve in other languages it will be ok, but for me, there are other things that should be prioritized before (and even if someday we have a Curve in Spanish I will continue using the English Support, forum and so on)

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@Curve_Marie , I think it’s more the fact of being comfortable using Curve rather than “helping understand the features”. For this reason I think that offering the App in other languages would help users feel more comfortable, with a “friendly” App and more confident with the product.

I don’t think it’s necessary to offer customer support in other languages, at least at this stage, most people understand English, and costs of offering customer support in other languages would increase Curve’s costs.

On the other hand, translating the App it’s something quite cheap, as costs of the translation are associated only to technical issues, not the work of translating, at least to Spanish and Catalan, which I’d do… though offering an upgrade/metal would be a nice wink :slight_smile:


@aalcaine I completely agree with you!

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This is a ‘musta have’ in long term of the project …
First the translation ands then, later, the support.
If you want someone to help translating to portuguese i can help only for the pleasure of helping the community :stuck_out_tongue:

As @Curve_Marie highlighted above, making the Curve app available in the respective languages of our customers is definitely something that will we implement in the future. We don’t yet have a confirmed timeframe of when work will begin on this.

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I just hope I’ll be able to choose the language in the app settings and not be forced into some language based on geographic location of system settings which oftentimes don’t have the preferred option to start with

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As you explain the language settings of an app are drawn from the geolocation of the respective store that the app is downloaded from. Would you like the option to change the language settings of the Curve app to match the language you speak instead of the language of the country you reside in/the country location of your device?

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Most apps do in fact automatically choose the language for you, unfortunately. Others let the language be changed in app. There are many reasons why someone would want to be able to change the language that is automatically chosen. I’m Portuguese so I’ll just give some examples I’ve personally experienced:

  • a lot of phones simply don’t have Portuguese as an available system language to choose from, meaning that even if a lot of apps have a Portuguese translation available they’ll default to English

  • some phones couple the system language with the country location, meaning there’s no way to change them independently, which causes its own problems

  • if I can actually set my system language to Portuguese, some apps will default to Brazilian Portuguese, or what they call Portuguese but is in fact Brazilian Portuguese. App developers don’t seem to understand that pt-pt and pt-br is not the same as British or American English, the difference is much bigger, its more like British English vs Kenyan English. Words are different, sentence structure is different. The vast majority of people in Portugal will prefer English over Brazilian portuguese and in fact being forced into Brazilian Portuguese is enough reason for someone not to use an app or watch a TV show or movie that has Brazilian subtitles

  • sometimes translations are just bad. Revolut recently launched a Portuguese translation of the app, which to their credit is actually pt-pt, not pt-br, however the translation is just plain bad. As an example amongst many, whenever they talk about their “contactless card”, if we were to translate back to english what they actually wrote in portuguese, they say “card without contactless”, literally the opposite. Since the translation launched and I’m being forced to use it, as there’s no way to change back to English, I find the app confusing and harder to navigate


I can help adding Catalan language as I’ve done many software translations. Just drop me a line :slight_smile:

I have offered a translation to Czech language (DM at Twitter). The response was “Thank you for getting in touch and taking the time to give us feedback. I’ll forward your suggestions onto our Head of Product.” So I have been waiting…

Hello Josef and welcome to the community! :smiley:

Translating the app into other languages will happen in the long term. Apologies for keeping you waiting. We will update this thread when we start planning the translation project :slight_smile:

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Hi ,many thank for warm welcome :slight_smile: and reply. I stay patient, understanding that there are many things to do and some of them have higher priority and some lower. No problem.

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Polish - yes please :slight_smile:

Hey there, I could also help to translate to Czech. Might not be super exciting market fro Curve, but in order to succeed there I believe translation is a must. Also to answer some questions here, I believe that customer support is no necessary in all the languages, at least in the beginning.

I could jump in for Hungarian translation. Not a big market by any means, but a language that requires a superpower. :smiley:

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Turning localization an open process could be interesting, Google is recently shutting down a service that would be nice, I think is ok to find something similar, turn on in the app already (iOS can be a bit tricky if it was not done since beginning, on Android you have strings.xml) and then allow ppl to jump in and provide “real world” translation.

Once a translation got 3 ok from community you can consider ok and then push in the code.

Can help with the french translation

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