New Curve app

Just some Questions:

I updated curve ios app and my account got automatically transfered to the new black sucription.

How long is it free ?

You need not use the card to get the insurance, just own it, right ?

Where can I chose the cashback retailers ?

And where is the sort feature of the funding card. They are all unsorted now.


Yes. I am confused now too. My app got upgraded to the beta app. @Curve_Marie, @Curve_Alejandro, does that mean the 6 month trial will start the moment i select the curve black? How do i go back to being grandfathered later on?

Is there a place which tells me when my trial period ends?

If you are not part of the AMEX trial then it’s only 3 months not 6.

As requested by Curve removed the Beta App and installed new App which also displays Beta ?