New Curve BIN numbers and Samsung Pay

Does cards issued with new country specific BIN numbers work with Samung Pay? If not, Is Samsung Pay going to be supported with the new country specific BIN numbers?

What will happen to Curve customers having UK BIN cards outside UK, when the card is expiring? Will they get a new card with the same old UK BIN((with new expiry date) or a card with new coutry specific BIN?

If your country supports Samsung Pay, yes.

I think that you would receive a local BINned card instead, but probably too early for common users to know, as I don’t think any Curve card ever issued has expired yet.

There are countries where Samsung Pay works with UK BIN, but not with a new local BIN.

When will this be sorted, so new BIN numbers will also work in this countries?

If someone needs a card to be reissued, is still possible to get a UK BIN card like the old one is?

As @Nelthorim also said, cards with country specific BINs will only work on Samsung Pay when that country is one of the officially supported countries by Samsung Pay:

I guess not, I asked the same question in the GooglePay topic, but did not get an aswer (yet):

This needs information from Curve @Curve_Marie @Hannah

Please, can we get information to this?

Hey guys, @poeliev is right. Cards with country specific BINs will only work on Samsung Pay when that country is a supported country.

It’s not possible for a UK BIN to be issued to a country that now has it’s own BIN. It’s an automatic process that cannot be changed.

What about a new card, when the old one expires? Will the BIN be the same, or will it change to a country specific BIN?

If you’re getting a new card then the BIN will be updated to a country specific BIN.

Is Samsung Pay then going to be supported outside UK, is there any plans about it?

The new specific BIN policy is going to aliniate a lot of customers. Since Samsung Pay is available only for people in the UK and Google pay for tiny part of EU, maybe you should stick providing services only in that regions. I am advising all my friends with Curve to cancel their service since you can have all the goodies if you reside in UK only.

@RA1 yes, bringing Samsung Pay and Google Pay support to all EEA countries is still a priority and continuously being worked on.

@Dino375 all other features of Curve are still available in other countries and our team are working on bringing Samsung Pay to all countries too.

The new BINS were introduced for a number of reasons like being charged in the wrong currency, which was happening when retailers saw Curve Cards as a UK card.

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@hannah Now when new customers gets a digital card first, what’s happening to old customers that get a reissued card, when card expires etc? Is it pissible get only a digital card, or will Curve send automatically also a new physical card and is this physical card free of charge?
If the customer wants to have the card with same UK BIN as before, is it still possible by asking it?

That :point_up_2: because they were customers with Curve before the new rule came into affect. Yes the cards would be sent free of charge.

Sorry @Hannah I kinda jumped in and answered your question. I apologise.

But if you don’t want to have a physical card, and the digital is enough? Can yo get a digital card only?

I guess you can send a email to customer service and request that they stop sending you physical cards.

It wouldn’t make sense to me as my physical card never runs out of battery but if that’s what you want to do then by all means go ahead.

P. S. Why not just leave your card at home and use Google/Apple Pay everywhere else? In that case you have the best of both worlds, a physical card for when you need it and a digital card for when you don’t…

It’s not a problem for me, I’m just asking for different options. Maybe someone else also want’s to know what the rules are now.