New Curve Black cards

They’re here - new Curve Black cards are now available in the app :clap:

All the same amazing benefits, but with a little splash of colour :sparkles:

Check the full lineup below


Will they be numberless?
I heard that there are sadly no more numberless red investor card replacements available.
It was mentioned earlier this year that there would be replacements stocked.
It was also mentioned when they were introduced that other card designs will also get the numberless design.
In case it’s not obvious, I miss the numberless cards.
Wise has just introduced one: Wise eco-friendly card | UK Europe Multi-Currency Card - Wise?

Also seems Amex is back, or more probably a mistake.

There should be an option to not get a physical card at all :slight_smile: Now that’s eco friendly and numberless

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Hi there, thanks for flagging this error on our website, we’re currently working to replace this graphic. We’re still working to get Amex onside and understand that this is misleading.

Is it possible to get a card in the new design with black legacy plan?

That and Tandem have stopped issuing credit cards several years ago and Starling no longer use that card design… Looks like someone grabbed a verrrryyy old image :rofl:

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Has anything actively happened from Curve’s side in the last 12 months?