New curve card add to apple wallet

I upgraded my curve card to curve black. I cannot add the virtual card to my apple wallet. I get the message that the card already exists. Do I have to delete the old one first and then add the new one?

Yeah, the virtual one actually stays pretty much the same

I have selected 3 retailers and made some payments yesterday. I don’t see the rewards pending. Is there a delay on rewards? Sorry but I am a newbie on curve :wink:

What retailers were they, was they curve rewards (via the rewards tab) or curve Cashback retailers!

Curve cashback retailers

They are added to curve cash, you’ll not see them pending in the rewards section

Oké thx. SO I can’t see them anywere?

What are you looking for exactly?

Where I can see if I get the cashback from selected retailers. I Assume that you can see that anywhere?


I don't see anything there. or does it take 21 days to see them? Thanks for your help

Cashback: <24 hours
Rewards: >=21 days not good. I will submit a ticket to support.

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