New Curve card designs! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

How long till these new metal cards release in the UK?

Theyโ€™re coming later this year!

I thought they was going to be coming sooner than that based off the teaser in that email

Another tease on twitter today of new metal cards.

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I wouldnt get to excited, they teased back in spring 2021 for new card designs that eventually launched in January this year.

*** I stand corrected and pleased I was wrong with black metal now being available :smile:

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Black Metal is there (to order):


How do existing metal users switch cards to new one?

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I think you have to create a support request.

Woo hoo! Now where do we upgrade?


Iโ€™m in tooโ€ฆ:grin:

Black Metal cards are looking very nice to take snaps of so far! What do you think? :eyes:

You can upgrade through the Curve app to order the new Metal design.
If youโ€™re already a Metal Curve card user then you can order the new Metal card design as your next replacement.

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Hello everyone
I hope you are well!
Curve has released a new design for the Metal card.
I am currently on this offer since July 2021.
How do I get this new design without going through the automatic replacement?


I wonder if an Investors Card will be updated to match these new designs? Otherwise I will stick to my Red Investors for now.

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Hey @JoshuaBoots, we donโ€™t have any plans to change the investor card designs! :grin:


Makes sense, keep it unique I suppose! Thanks for speedy reply, Joel. Hope you are good?

Thank goodness for that. :smiley:

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All good thanks, thereโ€™s big things in the pipeline coming soon so Iโ€™m keeping busy! :wink:


I rejoined metal last night just for this black metal card


Awesome news, I hope you enjoy your new card when it arrives!