New Curve card designs! 🔥

If it’s like the new curve standard then it has been redesigned

I don’t think they have.

Have you seen the new standard card and the klarna card which it is being compared to?

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I have the investor card so the details are viewable via the app. I’ve seen the new metal and the new standard card. Haven’t seen the back of the cards however since the front is clean on both, I can assume that the details are on the back in some form or the other.

That explains why. They have been redesigned mate

Investor metal and normal metal are completely different as was the case 2 months ago, one had and still has all the details in app and one had all the details on the back of the card.

Investor plastic shares the same look (just the name on the back of the card) as it’s investor metal big brother.

middle ≠ front. It probably still has the card number on the back of the card. Let Me Google That

I wonder when the others will come out?

Curve blue and USA versions have come out and so has Curve Metal. Are you waiting for Curve Black?

I was wondering more about when the white metal cards will release and the updates to premium, which were announced to investors several months ago.


Ah I completely understand.



Can you confirm when the new metal coloured cards will launch?


Nearly three months on, and still no information on this new premium revamp.

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… and I’ve gone back down to the original free-tier since. I’ve stepped away from using Curve as much as I have.


:thinking: I have an old legacy black plan and my card is about to expire soon.
What design will the new card I will get have?

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It will more then likely be the new plastic/USA design. I am 90 per cent sure that will be the case.


So the ugly one.
I am glad that I almost always use Apple Pay :smiley:


The ugly one? I don’t know what you mean…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

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I don’t know if this has been discussed before… but are there any plans to remove the card information for the card all together? We barely need the name on the card just to make sure it doesn’t mix up with other family members cards… but why do you still have card details in the card when we can access them from the app?

At the moment I’m a lot more inclined to use Chase which really has a beautiful simple design with no nonesense


Yes, there definitely are(/were?) such plans.