New Curve card designs! 🔥

Many people find the details on the card very useful as one may not always have easy access to your phone/app


Must admit I do find it useful having the numbers on the card vs an app.

But then I see the security side of things to with having zero numbers on the card


Its additional protection for all three parties.
You (the customer), the merchant and the issuing bank.

It makes it harder to make a simple purchase online since you cant just get the necessary information fast but i think its worth it and slightly decrease the fraud rate.

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Hmmmm but IMHO does a lot more to reduce usability. Is it worth it especially most FinTech and even normal banks now have the ability to lock cards? No.

It’s absolute security theatre with no practical use whatsoever.


Yeesh, I know I’m a bit late to the party (just noticed the redesign while looking up some info on the website), but I still wanted to add that I personally agree with what another person said earlier: In my opinion, those new Standard cards are fugly, I would be embarrassed having to pull one of those out of my wallet to be honest… Looks like something you would give to a child, “my first debit card”… :sweat_smile: The fact that it’s upside down is not the end of the world, though odd, but that design…

Personally I was a very big fan of the old design, those cards looked sleek and stylish, sophisticated even. When I got mine, I remember thinking “wow, this is the best looking card in my arsenal from now on” (and I’ve got quite the arsenal). Too bad there is no option (also like someone else mentioned) to pick your card design, à la Revolut, then I would definitely keep the old one around because there was nothing wrong with it, it’s timeless.

Well, I’ve got two more years to go on my old one, so I can only hope that by the time it’s due for renewal, this design will be a thing of the past.

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I think the same for plastic card, I do not really see what represent the design. For metal card at first I was skeptical but now I like it. And I wonder when they will implement new design. Since I won’t go for metal until they do it. (Already have a black metal card and I do not want to pay a card and then have to pay 50€)

My new card has just arrived - I will be embarrassed to use it as the design is appalling & I can’t believe the design ever got signed off - dire


Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I would suggest Google or Apple Pay that way you receive all the benefits from using Curve and you won’t be looking at the card or will anybody else for that matter.

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Looks like the new Black Card designs are also there now, at least I can see them in my Curve app. It looks like it’s also possible to order the old Black design. :point_down:t2:

Still waiting for the white metal :weary:


The new “Black” designs are not in my app!?

I would be happy if the designs were also possible for the “Black Legacy”!
I especially like the Black/Silver. And since my current card expires 08/22, it would be great to be able to choose the new design for the next card.

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wow. black-red is very nice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Still waiting for the new metal card design to come in Belgium :heart_eyes:

Any news about the new “Black” Designs? When will they be available?

I have a curve metal card, if I downgrade to black, can I keep my current metal card or will I get the hideous new black one?

You can keep the metal card. Just don’t ask for a replacement

Hi folks, we can’t provide a release date for our new Black subscription card designs but I can let you know that they’re not far off and I’ll be able to provide more information soon! :eyes:


Hi, I heard that red metal new design was only for business accounts. Did the pink and white metal card has been ditch ?

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The Red should be available for everyone!


Thanks for the answer are you talking about old design ? Because I was talking about the new red design (pic attached)

but support told me it was only for business accounts