New Curve card designs! 🔥

I have black metal but would love to swap for white. Mainly because it reminds me of Apple Card

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My new card just arrived today. I love that the signature has been removed and the layout on the back is nice. But the design on the front is just meh, its not bad, but its not good either.

The thing I hate the most, is the fact that its upside down. To actually be able to use the card (chip & pin) when I take it out of my wallet, I have to store it upside down, and that is driving my OCD crazy.


Would it be feasible to change card tier while keeping the same physical card with the same numbers?

Nope unfortunately new card equals new card number especially when changing card tiers I’m afraid.

Thanks for your question.


Same but in red, but sadly it seems they do not plan to release the new design outside the black. Red is for business only (from what support told me)

…. soon?

Recently received a new Curve card after upgrading to Curve X. Did not realise the card would have a different design. I really don’t like it! I LOVED my old metallic blue (OG Curve) card. It was simple, minimal and understated, but the metallic finish gave it some flair. Now I try to use Apple Pay as much as possible so I don’t have to take this one out of my wallet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you give us the option to choose the design of our Curve X card? :pray:t4:


If you’d like to choose your card, you’d have to move over to Metal… that’s the only tier you can currently do it.

If you’d like to choose your card via Curve X, why not raise it as an idea in the ideas category?

Yeah, that’s a real shame. I just wanted to keep my existing card, or request to keep the same design, but good idea to raise it as an idea.