New Curve card designs! 🔥

I had exactly the same thing with my red metal card delaminating. Customer support accused me of damaging it and said next time I’d be charged for a replacement. One of several reasons I downgraded to the free tier.


I like the new design not much chance of losing it in the dark! ::

I tried to order it but I don’t get the option.

To request the new Blue card design:

1. Open the Curve App and tap “ Account .”
2. Scroll to the bottom and tap “ Help Centre .”
3. Tap “ Chat ” and then “ New Conversation .”
4. Choose “ Curve Card ” and then “ Order a new card.
5. Tap “ I want the rebranded card ” and follow the on-screen instructions.

There’s no “New Conversation” just “Leave a message”.

Maybe because it’s out of business hours?

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Hey @EU, have you tried selecting the “something else” option?


maybe it’s designed with left handed people in mind


I’d like that :joy:

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I don’t like the new design, sorry ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Thanks for responding.

I did try “Something else” but it just offers the same guide as above (I don’t have “New Conversation”) and then it goes around in circles again. There is no spoonI want the rebranded card”.


My first idea was: that’s a puzzle card or something went wrong during the card print…


Is there any way to set up a basic opinion poll, three choices: Like, Dislike, Don’t Care?


What is your opinion on the new card design?

  • I love it
  • I like it
  • It’s OK
  • I dislike it
  • I’d be embarrassed to have it in my wallet
  • I don’t care

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All sorted just left a message on chat.

I marked I love it in that poll -hey, with colours like that you’ll not leave it anywhere, it’ll be easy to find and the brightness will function as a torch :grinning:


Can I still use my old card if I order and activate the new one?


The old card stops working the moment you actibate the new one. If I remember right the old one stops working about 28 days after the new one is posted regardless of whether you activate or not activate the new one.


Thanks. It would be annoyed to change card information on many websites only for a new card design.

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How about something like this for a splash of colour?

Curve Mod


No just no.


Yes, I appreciate the effort but I prefer both Curve’s old design and the new just-launched design to that.



I ordered the new card and Curve told me that I can use it online even before the physical card arrives.

But it doesn’t. I can’t add the new card to Carrefore and Lidl as a payment method!
They both asked me to contact Curve for details.

My old curve card doesn’t have any problem with Carrefore and Lidl.

The good news is that you don’t need to add the new card to Apple Wallet, it will replace the old one there automatically.

The bad news is that it still displays the old design in Apple Wallet.

The new card has problem with Apple Pay too.
Some transactions declined by Curve.
But, they were successful if I paid directly with the underlying card through Apple Pay.
So it’s definitely Curve’s problem.

I REALLY hope I can go back to my old card given that the new card breaks so many things.

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I believe you have to click the “Activate Card” button in the Curve app in order to use the card online.

You should be able to do this even before your new card physically arrives.


The button is “Activate physical card”.
I tried it, still failed. But curve app said the transaction was declined and told me to contact support.

Now, I have a bigger problem!

The Expiry and CVC of the new card changed after I reboot my phone and opened Curve App again!