New Curve card shipped, old card automatically blocked

I got an email a few days ago that I would get a new Curve card as my current one expires in August. It said I had 14 days to confirm my address. Just minutes later the next email confirmed that a new card had been sent. Great to get a new card automatically, bad that I didn’t get the promised 14 heads-up.

However, my current card which was still valid another 5 weeks got disabled immediately which has already caused some payments to fail as I wasn’t aware of it. Why does the old card need to be blocked straight away? Why can’t I decide when I switch over to the new still to be delivered card? Why don’t we have a virtual card available to switch to?

I’m super annoyed about the inconvenience with the two emails within minutes and the blocked card. I’ve updated Google Pay/Wallet to use my Revolut card instead of Curve and switched most other payments directly to Revolut. Not sure I’ll use Curve again after this mess and the Curve X desaster. Curve has lost my trust.


I had the same experience a few days ago.

The difference being my card expires at the end of July (this weekend!), not in August…

These are all good questions - existing cards should not be blocked until the new one arrives and the customer activates it.

The app does show some new virtual card details for me but it doesn’t make sense to update my card number everywhere, when I will need to do it again when the physical card arrives!

When you order a new Curve card, then:

  1. The old physical Curve card gets immediately blocked
  2. New virtual Curve card is immediately issued and ready for use (its number, expiry and CVV can be found in Curve app)
  3. New physical Curve card is being issued and shipped, waiting for activation AFTER you receive it (the new physical card)

To be able to use Curve during your wait for the new Curve card, you have to:

  1. For online payments use new virtual Curve card using its details provided in Curve app
  2. For POS payments use Google Pay, Apple Pay or other supported X-Pay system

To be able to use Google Pay after you are issued/order a new Curve card, you have to:

  1. Delete the old Curve card from Google Pay
  2. Add new virtual Curve card to Google Pay using its details provided in Curve app
  3. After you receive new physical Curve card and activate it in Curve app, delete the old virtual Curve card from Google Pay and then add new physical Curve card to Google Pay



We dont order the new card… For me i never ordered any curve card, but when is subscribed to curve x, i got a notification that my card is shipped. Next day i realized that i cant use my current card anymore. Very disappointing, and annoying!

OK then, so one more point :roll_eyes::

  1. When you change your Curve subscription tier, a new physical Curve card is automatically issued for you making your current Curve card blocked.
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I had the same problem and its very annoying

I was forced to upgrade to metal (much to my discuss!)

My current red investors card was blocked
(partner found this out as she tried to use it and was declined, I also don’t use the physical card only google pay)

The should of been an option to ask if u wanted a new card or not as I’m not interested in the physical card! (Big woop its a metal card, get with the 21st century!)

Also discovered a big security issue because my Google pay automatically updated the card with a new one (the picture and the last 4 digits changed)
I tried to use the card, it got declined, checked the app and it says I need to activate the physical card first either the last 4 digits, so I then give it the 4 digits from Google pay, physical card was activated and now Google pay works!

But again a big security issue as now my physical card can be used while its in the post by who knows

The (last four digits) in Google Wallet is not the same as on your physical card.

But he said that after typing those 4 digits it was successfully activated, was it just a coincidence?

Anyway, @Petr_Andel, has the activation procedure changed just recently? Because I remember that the old physical card continued to work until the customer activated the new one, upon delivery, which is sometimes uncertain so it made sense like that.

A friend of mine for instance ordered the Curve card with the new design when Curve was giving the possibility of getting the new design for free. A new virtual card was instantly issued and the new physical card was shipped. However it was never delivered and since then he is continuing to use the old physical card (it is going to expire soon anyway so he didn’t bother asking for a new shipment).

So, I don’t know if the procedure has recently changed but the old procedure made much more sense.
You should not disable the old physical card until the customer confirms the new one has arrived (or until the old one naturally expires, of course).

Yes, that’s true - Curve card in Google Pay (Wallet) is automatically updated :arrow_upper_right: to new physical Curve card and until the physical Curve card is activated, all the transactions via Google Pay are declined. :no_entry: If you want to circumvent the “security issue” you are writing about :lock_with_ink_pen:, then follow my “instructions” in the post above :memo: - i.e. manually delete updated Curve card from Google Pay and then manually add virtual Curve card to Google Pay. This way you can use Curve while you are waiting :hourglass_flowing_sand: for your new physical Curve card without the need to activate it before receiving it. :+1: After you receive your physical card and activate it in your Curve app, do the similar with new physical Curve card in Google Pay. :credit_card:

I agree - it’s not the best user experience and there’s a lot of space for improvement. :hammer_and_wrench: But it works… (At least it worked for me and my wife back around last Christmas :christmas_tree: when we both upgraded to Metal. :top:)

This is how it worked for me and my wife back around last Christmas :christmas_tree: when we both upgraded to Metal. :top:

Maybe it’s supposed to work differently (which means in the way you described) when you upgrade to a different tier though, and it’s not supposed to work that way when a card is just replaced.

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I don’t have my new Curve card yet as it only got sent about 5 days ago. However, I could use the supposedly blocked old physical card via Google Pay over the last 2 days. It didn’t work for any payment attempts during the first 3 days after the new card was issued but the last two days were all successful. While I appreciate that the payments went through successfully, I don’t understand how this could happen when the old card should be blocked. Is there a logical explanation I cannot think of?

From the new card issue mail:

If you are having issues with your Google/Apple pay while waiting for your new card please continue to use your existing physical card. When your new card arrives you can add it to Google/Apple Pay.

Not true. My original physial card (Blue) wasn’t blocked after upgrading to X. It is still working, along with the new virtual card. According to Curve support it will be blocked only when I activate my new physical card.