New: Curve Cash auto-mode

New: Curve Cash auto-mode

You can now spend your Curve Cash, without using your brain.

Switch on “use automatically” and we’ll take money straight from your Curve Cash balance if you have enough to cover the cost of the transaction. If you don’t, we’ll just charge your selected payment card instead. No declines. No balance-checking. No awkward moments at the counter.

Select “Curve Cash >” on the wallet screen (under the Curve Cash card) and select “use automatically”. Don’t see it? Try updating your app.

This is just the start…
We’re working on loads more features that will completely personalise your Curve experience and streamline the way you pay. Watch this space!


how can i change GBP to PLN in curve cash? when it will be possible to topup in PLN curve cash?

This is a good start and it is working as expected but for me it would be better that we were allowed to use all of our Curve Cash and the remaining from our predifined card.

I’ve thing annoying is that refunds are now converted in Curve Cash and not to the card we used to pay. Can this be changed?


I am not happy with refund chargeback are converted into GBP
I bought airline ticket then the pound was high
Now it low, and my refund are stuck
I will lose a decent amount for convert it back

This has been the case for a couple of weeks after the Wirecard debacle, but now refunds are actually refunded (again) to the card that is used to pay with, only if it is not possible to determine which card was used, it is refunded to the Curve cash card.

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Hi everyone,

what is behind the abbreviation “CPT” ???

Curve points :slightly_smiling_face:. The ‘currency’ of your Curve cash card.

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Thanks for the info.

I wish you a nice evening.

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This isn’t possible yet. We do want to set it up in the future, but it’s a long-term project.

If you’re out of pocket, please don’t hesitate to write us at

I did every time
I didn’t work

The value of the pound has change from high to low
And the exchange rate used are then thew pound was high
And now it low
That a loose in money

The current method is suboptimal for everybody who lives outside the UK.

Few months ago when a refund came in and the system was unable to match it, I simply got a push notification to choose which card I want receive it on. That was a much better solution for the issue.


I would be happy with waiting a couple of days to receive the original refund/chargeback

The best would be the combination of the current and the previous solution, where the instant refund (in GBP) would be just an option if somebody selects the Curve Cash card.

Just received a refund from a cancelled flight
I lost money again to do currency exchange rate

Now i have GBP that has a low value compaired to when i bought the ticket

What is the point in continue using curve when refunds, are converted into GBP
Then the money disappeared into the air, to do exchange rate

Give us the option to disable curve cash

And let us choice what card we want refund to

Doesn’t work
The support confirms I received the right amount, converted into GBP
Due to the low exchange rate. They confirm the loss

Will it be a good idea to raise a chargeback against Curve with my bank?

Unfortunately this is not working well for me. I had a refund a few days ago that appeared to go on my original dard used but then was immediately transferred to curve cash. I have also discovered that my long awaited refund for an air ticket has been put into curve cash. I now have over £1000 which I need in my bank account in order to avoid fees. I am extremely frustrated by this and have done a complete u turn on my opinion of Curve cars. Please can someone tell me how I can get this money into a bank. I tried £1 curve send to my husband but this went into his curve cash. This is his first, and only, transaction with Curve.

Auto curve cash still isn’t working properly. Card pre-auths for £1 never get refunded back to curve cash

I’m currently down £7 after updating my curve card details with various merchants.

Not good!

As I don’t have a Revolut account or anything like that. I got my partner to send me her link (see PayPal). I then used my Curve card (with cash selected as the active card) to transfer the amount on the cash card. She then withdrew from her PayPal account to her bank account. She then transferred to my bank account.

A hassle, but it actually only took 5 minutes.

Curve should not be putting refunds onto the cash card without a way to EASILY transfer it. Using cash on a future purchase is not the same as refunding (and reducing) the underlying cards balance.