New Curve (country specific) BIN (5574 44) incorrectly seen as Ukrainian by some merchants

I can’t transfer funds to Revolut from Curve. Revolut perceives the curve’s card as “issued in Ukraine”. Revolut does not work with Ukraine so they can’t accept adding funds from cards issued by Ukranian banks. Why Curve’s card number ius associated with Ukraine bank? What can be done?

Sounds like Curve is issuing cards with a new BIN-range, that formerly belonged to an Ukrainian institution.
And Revolut is using an outdated BIN-list.
What is the BIN of your Curve card?

Wait until Revolut updates its BIN-list or contact them and tell them your card is not from the Ukraine.


In this topic:

Someone is mentioning his Curve card number is 55744439. If checked on it indeed shows up as an Ukrainian number. This seems to confirm what I said above.

My card number looks like 5574 4426 XXXX XXXX

On this BIN also shows up as Ukrainian. So Revolut is indeed using an outdated BIN-list.

Contact customer service.

As I said Revolut’s customer service, not Curve’s, since Revolut is using the outdated BIN-list.

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Or Curve issued card/cards with wrong BIN.

Very small chance.
Far bigger chance that Revolut is using an outdated BIN-list.
It’s a common thing to re-issue BINs that belonged to other financial institutions and when merchants (in this case Revolut) use outdated BIN-lists they still ‘see’ the data of the old institution instead of the new one (in this case Curve).
I had this issue with a bunq card that in the beginning was seen as a Russian one, because merchants were using outdated BIN-lists.


@Oliverda @poeliev

I contacted both of them. Curve’s one is not answering swiftly. Revolut’s support asks to provide “bank statement” that card is not issued in Ukraine. Will see if curve’s support could provide something like this.

Curve is not a bank. So a bank statement is probably difficult to provide. But another document telling this should not be a problem. Question is how quick they will be able to do this.

I am sure Revolut knows what Curve is, I would argue that a picture of your Curve card hiding most of the data, but showing the BIN and your name and a proof of your address should be sufficient for them. And maybe also a link to the support page where Curve states in which countries it is available (see below). Ukraine is not one of them. So your Curve card can not be Ukrainian.

Curve issued me this card. I don’t understand why Curve uses the Ukrainian BIN code

I got 100% the same issue).
For now best guess of why is here

Again, Curve is not using an Ukrainian BIN.
Once a card issuer is closing for business, the BIN is able for grabs for new companies.
It’s the same with phone numbers, flight reservation codes,…
Due to the length of BINs / phone numbers / there is only a certain amount of variations possible. You cannot add new ones, so as soon 1 line / BIN / booking reservation code is disconnected, it becomes available again after a grace period.

It’s the merchants job (in this case Revolut) to update their BIN list.

This was the same problem at the beginning of Curve since the 1st BIN was a recycled one from an Australian bank.


How long does it usually take to update the BIN ?

Probably can take even half a year. :neutral_face: I think best is to contact revolut’s support and say that info is wrong and update are needed asap. Back in time I had similar issue in revolut - for a while it displayed one of my top-up cards completely wrong. I got it fixed by contacting support via their local ambassador. It got fixed in no-time.

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Curve support told me i got a DKK bin


Thanks for getting in touch.

We are happy to issue you with a Curve card with a Denmark specific PAN.

So that we can do so, please confirm:

  • Your year of birth
  • Your house number and postcode

Please note that this time I’ll be able to send you a new card free of charge, however, as per our Terms of Service (see here) next time we reissue your card we’ll be charging a replacement fee of £5.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for confirming those details.

I’ve now reissued you with a Red Investor Curve card with a DNK PAN, so you should receive it within the next 5-7 working days.

Don’t forget, if you have any subscriptions or recurring card payments on your old card such as Netflix, gym memberships, etc., you’ll need to update them with your new card details. When you receive your new card, please remember to activate it in the Curve app.

This has also changed your limits to the relevant currency. Your new limits are:

The first digits of a newly issued card are 5574 44 … ???

I provided Revolut’s support with snip of my card from the app,
link to,
link to

Here’s their’s answer: