New Curve (country specific) BIN (5574 44) incorrectly seen as Ukrainian by some merchants

Got answer from Curve’s support… I asked for a statement to confirm that my card was issued not in Ukraine.

They’ve confirmed it!
but for card with BIN 553963XXXXXXXX… :slight_smile:
(have no idea where it comes from)

In app i still see that my card has BIN 574444XXXXXX.

P.S. Physical card is on the way to me yet.

“5539 63” is another of Curve’s BIN ranges, where the two last digits determine the country. For example, 5539 6339 is one of Curve’s Spanish BINs for Blue cards.

Ok…I’ve got the same card Bin number, issued in ukraine…at least according to the old register. No way to add funds via card directly in revolut. But there is a workaround…add your ukraine (hehe) curve card to ggl pay. Add money to revolit topping up via ggle pay / curve card and voila…there you go-;)))(-) job done. Best wishes guys.


Curve BIN list (537590, 557427, 557444):

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Did this actually work?
Google pay says “there are no accepted cards available for use with this merchant”

It works with Apple Pay

Hello there,

for me it did work…I was desperate reading all these comments and I couldnt top up revolut with the curve card - but I could add curve to ggl pay and then it was a piece of cake. Luckily for me.

Hmm…doesn’t work for me. Revolut doesn’t seem to accept any of my cards set up in google pay, including the one I usually use to actually top it up. Damn…

I’m having the same issue, but with TransferWise.
I live in Germany and When trying to use Curve to send Eur to GBP or CLP, TransferWise sees the card as Ukrainian, hence they add an extra fee since that currency is more expensive for them (I’m using euros).
In order to help me, they asked for a confirmation letter from Curve saying that the card is actually issued in France and is eur, but still haven’t got an answer. I’m paying for Metal, so this issue is down to the metal card. Quite annoying since I already pay 15eur for the fee for metal, now my transactions are getting more expensive

Maybe you can refer TransferWise to the simplified MC BIN table that can be downloaded on the MasterCard UK website, see my previous post:

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Why bin table updates is managed so poorly is beyond me. Flaw of network? :thinking:

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Did it already and they still want the written confirmation from Curve

From my limited experience with banks, I think it’s unlikely they will issue any non-standard statement. They won’t want to loop in their Legal to check what they’re admitting to.(or that the recipient bank will actually do much even with a written “confirmation”).
What I would suggest is trying to get an unrelated, but standard document out of curve, which will coincidentally state your address (or the bank’s branch address or domicile, or whatever looks like it would suite your purpose". Something like a bank statement, they would have hard time saying no to that.

However, not all hope is lost! I’ve just tried again, and looks like Revolut accepted my card without any problems now!. FYR, my BIN is Romanian (correctly), 5574 4442.

You’re right. They did refuse to provide any confirmation or letter about this.
I’m super upset and disappointed now

I don’t use TW right now, because I have a better option, but I’ve checked and they do charge extra for Curve’s card. I’ve complained to their support, hope it makes a difference.

Today I was able to topup Revolut using the new Curve card with 55744426 BIN without any problems. It is also already added to GPay


Good to hear that! Things are getting better for us…
No GPay for Romanian BINs yet though, but that’s not a BIN issue. It’s simply not supported yet.

I also got the following answer from Transferwise, after linking them to the Mastercard BIN list.

We have contacted our cards team, seems like we are going to run an update on our database at the end of the week.
After that we believe your card should be fine. We are really sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hello, I don’t understand how you solved the issue… Who did you call? Google or Curve? I’ve BIN 5574 for a substitute card, my previous one had a different BIN number and worked, the new one isn’t…