New Curve Fronted fees for Metal customers above £10k per month

Where is it defined that the minimum contract period for Metal is 12 months? Just because you’ve prepaid for 12 months doesn’t mean that’s the minimum contract term. From what I can see it’s just 30 days?

Hmm, I think that’s a clarification of existing terms rather than a change to terms…

There was never previously a “fee free limit” on metal spend, so that’s no clarification.

Yes, and that change happens on the 1st December from what I can see. The clarification is that NS&I is a retailer considered to be under the Curve Fronted screen.

That’s how I interpret it, anyway.

The wording of the general terms presumably changes today because usually the new terms apply to new customers from day 1 and existing customers from the end of the notice period. I might be wrong but that’s how I understand these things to normally work…

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Email states 7th October.

That’s in a sentence specifically referring to NS&I transactions attracting the fee. Evidently we interpret these things differently!

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I can see how both could be right. It’s poorly written.

It goes from specific about NS&I, to general when talking about Curve Fronted transactions (all fronted transactions have 1.5%) to ?!? when talking about Metal.

But yes, I would agree it’s more likely to be just NS&I from the 7th.

Just to highlight I think this is another area (similar to Make Curve FX free limit visible in-app) where there should be an in-app tracker for users to see how close they are to the monthly limit.


This is really unfortunate as this is the main reason why many people have signed up for the metal and I was under the impression that this is the idea behind the curve that it will allow users to have these unique features however the curve has now brought the rediculous change which will not only deter many users but also negatively impact the future growth, As we are one of the members who heavily uses this feature so we are affected badly, however, I request Curve to make the limit annually as it will be more convenient for most of us instead of having monthly limit which is very low in my opinion

Curve seems to get a bee in its bonnet every 9 months. Most recently it’s probably the creation blocking transactions and NS&I now being flagged as Fronted transaction.

I am a long Curve holder back from Beta days and am a little disappointed the way the brand is going. They give us the opportunity to make certain transactions then punish us for doing so. Whether this is NS&I, Fronted, ATM.

They even removed limits to allow us to pump more through the card £50k to £1.5m.

I get threaten with account suspension at least once a year.

Now they impose additional limitations. Feels like they are watering down the brand/offering that makes them stand out.


Bit of a warning for folks - have had confirmation from a couple of friends too. It appears that Fronted fees are being charged even if you have Fronted off. Curve clearly need to fix this, but be careful until they do! Unfortunately no tracker available so you need to count back for the month for your transactions too.

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If there’s no Fronted counter and the Fronted switch doesn’t disable Fronted, how does Curve expect us to know whether or not a transaction counts towards the new £10k monthly Fronted fee-free allowance?

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That’s the question I’ve raised with support (having been charged a fee) - their suggestion was to uninstall/reinstall the app - not convinced that will sort it!!

That’s a standard response. Once a reward offer wasn’t applied to a purchase I made, and the response from support was to uninstall and reinstall the app 🤦.

For the time being I have stopped using Curve where I think Fronted will be involved. I also don’t really want to get in the hassle of proving these transactions are legitimate.


Has anyone here gone over the £10k limit for Curve Fronted and if so have you been charged for doing so?

Under ‘Card Limits’ they really need to put a counter to enable us to keep track of these transactions.

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Yes and yes. A tracker really is essential.

Is there balance countdown for Curve Fronted transactions?
For metal cardholders especially it would be good to see if the first £10000 has eroded.

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Still no movement on this one.

Painfully slow response time from Curve as always.

I had just posted this thread: Questions on the 10000 GBP free quota for Fronted for Metal customers then found and read this current one above. And now I’m sad … again.

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