New curve metal card suspended


I had a curve blue which I used with no issues.

I ordered curve metal and activated, since then my Samsung & Google pay displays the message: card suspended, contact Curve.

I also tried on Amazon and declined.

Curve Support don’t know what the issue is…

Has anyone had the same experience and know how to resolve?

Would Curve replacing the card work?


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Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I can’t say for certain but it couldn’t hurt to get your card replaced could it?

Thanks for your question.

Have you activated that physical card?

Hi Oliver, yes, activated card and details match the app.

activated also with a chip+pin transaction as well? did you update your card details in google, amazon etc.?

Hi Tygger,

I updated all details to match the new card online.

I’ve never used chip and pin with Curve, I only ever used it via Samsung Pay previously.

I’ll try it when I’m out later.


Do expiry date and CVV match?

Hi, thanks for replying.
Yes, everything matches

Hey @Hobby, welcome to the community! Have you tried removing / re-adding your new card to your digital wallet? If so, what @tygger suggested might help, making a Chip & PIN transaction would be a good move.

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@tygger thank you! I used chip and pin in a local store and it approved.

I then tried it online and it also went through.

I just need to try with Samsung Pay now but it is showing the card as available, not suspended, so I hope it is fine.

Something as simple as using chip and pin :blush: I’ll feedback to Curve support as they didn’t suggest that.

Thanks to all suggestions, great community!


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