New CURVE registration and Samsung Pay problem

Hi, last week I’ve created for a friend of mine a Curve account so he can use the Samsung pay option on his device. BUT after trying to register the Curve card in the Spay it says : Card issuer is not supported
Can you please help?

Same problem here. Any solutions ?

Living in a country where Samsung pay is officially supported?

No but my watch is from uk so it has samsung pay installed

You probably have a Curve card with a country specific BIN (of the country you are living in). If that country is not officially supported by Samsung Pay, you will be unable to add your Curve card to Samsung Pay.

I thought that samsung pay has nothing to do with curve specific bin. I have samsung pay installed and a curve card. Why is there a problem to connect them if the address that I put on curve is not supported by Samsung pay???

It actually has. Curve issues cards with country specific BINs nowadays. So if you have a card with a country specific BIN of a country where Samsung pay is not officially supported you will not be able to add that card to Samsung Pay.

See topic below for more information:

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I checked the card’s bin and it’s from Ukraine…
I live in Greece and my watch is from UK so I don’t understand why curve gave me a Ukrainian card…
Can I ask for a UK card?

Some outdated BIN databases on the web still show the new(est) Curve BINs as Ukrainian, but I am pretty sure you have a Greek one.
In Dutch we say ‘vragen staat vrij’. So you can always ask for a Curve card with a UK BIN, but since Curve is issuing cards with country specific BINs and you are living in Greece, you will not get one.

Thank you very much for your time and all your answers!
One last question and I am out of here :grin:

The card that I see on the app( the virtual one) is the same with the physical one ( that I am stiil waiting for it…)?
And in case that the card will never come what can I do about it?

Thanks in advance.

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I believe it’s different until you activate your physical card. I believe that when you activate your physical card the details of the card you see in the app get updated and from that moment ‘both’ are the same.

If you don’t receive your physical card contact Curve support by email ( or Twitter (@Askcurve).

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