New Curve Tiers for early adopters

I have to admit to being a bit frustrated with Curve. When I signed up for a £75 Curve Black card it came with the ability to use Amex. Now there will be various chargeable tiers none of which give me what I originally signed up for. Maybe those of us early adopters should be acknowledged for our early adoption by receiving a free Metal card (card not benefits) or some other gesture from Curve. This isn’t a rant just my thoughts.

The early adopters were pretty much given their money back when Amex and curve first launched…

As a big thank you for being one of Curve’s early adopters we are giving Blue card members £35 and Black card members £50 worth of Curve Points if you spend a total of £1000 over the next three months. You’ll be able to spend your Curve Points at any merchant that accepts MasterCard using your Curve. Please see our FAQs for further details

Yes, but with conditions.

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@ Dann I have to say I agree with @robmckenzieuk. It’s not a deal breaker for me that the Amex feature isn’t free for early adopters but it would have been a nice gesture given that Amex use was available, once upon a time, to early adopters.

I understand where you’re coming from but it’s a completely different way they’re doing it, I’d be frustrated too, but I think still having access with a small fee is good enough considering you was going to have to have a subscription?

As a Lloyd’s Bank Premier account holder I pay £27 a month. I’m not sure I want to pay more, I would like a metal card though and would be prepared to pay a fee for this but as a one off.