New design on Android

Hey, just a feedback to the new design in the latest Android beta. Don’t like it… The old version was fine for me, maybe you can switch back?

I love it, but dark theme is somehow strange.

@Curve_Marie I also dislike the new dark theme. Could we bring back the old dark theme / add it as a 3rd option?
The new dark theme is just too dark, black instead of blue as background & too many red letters / digits.
Red always signalies something is wrong, so it always catches my eyes and I’m thinking there is something very urgent to take care of.


I like the new design. Can see how red can catch eye like @Lucas says but its different to how other apps have their dark modes. I hope you keep it.

I noticed that you can’t see the Pending status for referrals anymore.

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One major bug I’m finding is the limits screen now doesn’t show the available credit at a glance.

In general I preferred the previous look, as others have mentioned there’s a lot of red in this version.

This thing with first letter of currency symbol being smaller looks weird with multi-character ones.


I like the new design.

We will continue to move forward with the new brand design :smile: Please do keep the feedback coming so it will reach the design team :slight_smile:

Have you had the chance to check out the bright theme as well?

Thank you for letting us know @Lew and @ediflyer.

@ediflyer, are you not able to see this screen on your limits?

This design looks slick. How come iOS users do not get the same refresh?

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@Curve_Marie I can see that screen but it’s missing the info it used to have. A user may be limited by daily, 30 day or annual limits - the app used to show the final effect so you knew how much you could spend. Instead it only seems to take into account the daily limit now.

It’s in the works @JoshuaBoots :smile:

It does show you how much you’ve spend the last 30 and 365 days @ediflyer. Are you missing the actual amount you have left before hitting your limits?

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I know it does, Marie - I’m meaning in the old version of the app it clearly said at the top how much you had left to spend - in the new version of the app it says ‘Max single purchase £5,000’ yet this is incorrect as I’ve only got £500 of my 365 day window available.

Using the new version, I find the white background is uncomfortable on my eyes, hence will have to use the black version.

The is also too much space between the text, meaning I now have to scroll a lot more to a page (i.e. profile settings) which i find worse in terms of usability.

Brilliant, look forward to that release!

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Both themes look good in my opinion

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@Curve_Marie I see the latest version has now restored this missing functionality :+1:

That’s great :smiley: Keep the feedback coming!

I quite like the new design. Not a big fan of the red highlights, but overall it’s a fairly minor change that makes the app feel more like a bank and less like a school project. Good stuff :slight_smile:

More feedback can be found here: