New feature alert: Add your loyalty cards to Curve

New feature alert: Add your loyalty cards to Curve

Another day, another exciting feature release at Curve. As of today, all Curve customers can store their loyalty cards in the app. This innovation has been on the agenda for some time, and takes us one step closer to our mission of connecting your finances in one place, and swapping your wallet for Curve.

Building something better

Loyalty cards are well overdue a tech injection. We don’t carry a case of CDs anymore and most of us have thrown out the DVD collection. So why are we still carrying a wallet full of plastic cards that we lose half the time and forget the rest? The hassle rarely feels worth the rewards, which doesn’t serve the customer or the retailers involved. This felt like more than a problem we could solve. It felt like an opportunity to build a better solution to anything currently out there. So that’s what we did. While services like Apple Pay and Google Pay do allow users to add loyalty cards to their digital wallets, there is a limit to what loyalty cards you can add. We’ve built loyalty in a way that lets you add any code or barcode-based loyalty card you want, whether it’s your favourite coffee shop or your local Barbers.

How it works

Adding your loyalty cards to Curve means they’re as easy to access as your phone (read: very easy). You Just have to go to your Curve Wallet in the app, scan your physical card, and it can live there instead of your bedroom drawer. If you can’t find the retailer you’re looking for, just tap “Add a different card” and we’ll pull up a full list of merchants, or you can go DIY and enter your barcode manually. For a speedier checkout experience, we’ll organise your cards so that they can be pulled up and scanned within 10 seconds.

We’re not done

We’re excited for customers to start reaping the benefits that come with having their loyalty cards on Curve. Less aggro, more convenience, more rewards. It’s a really good feature, but then, we don’t settle for really good. We know there’s more we can do. Down the line, your rewards points balance will be displayed in-app and you’ll be prompted to use your loyalty card when you’re in-store so that you never miss a reward.

Long-term, we’re thinking even bigger. Like we said at the start, the way the loyalty market traditionally works isn’t working for anyone. Not the consumer. Not the merchant. We’re going to shake that up by creating a completely seamless customer experience, without any “middleman” between spending, and earning rewards. No scanning, or thinking necessary. All you’ll need is Curve. It’s going to take a lot of hard work,
But it wouldn’t be worth it otherwise. Watch this space.

Please read Curve’s legal agreements and AXA terms carefully before applying for a Curve card. Details on access to interbank exchange rates available are clearly laid out in the terms along with all applicable fees and charges when you spend abroad.

Curve OS Ltd., registered in England and Wales, Company number: #09523903. The Curve Card and E-money is issued by Curve OS Limited (company No. 09523903) authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue electronic money (firm reference number 900926). Mastercard® is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Curve card is issued by Curve OS Ltd. pursuant to license by Mastercard International Inc.

Cards shown here are all representative. There is no arrangement between Curve and any of the banks, card issuers or networks and all queries should be directed to us.


Hi, I have been testing the loyalty cards part of the app for a few weeks now and absolutely love it as I do with most parts of Curve. My wallet has room in it now and I generally pay with Card for most of my transactions. It would be great to join it up so you can see what points you have with your loyalty cards, keep up the great work.

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Hello @dco78,

Thank you for testing with us and for the feedback, we’ll take it onboard. Thrilled that you like it! :smiley:

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It doesn’t work in Germany, does it ? Cant find it here

I am really glad to be a Curve Beta tester and will be happy to participate in the programme, it’s so stress free knowing that carrying all of your cards isn’t necessary.

Great Job Guys :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:


I’ve tried it with Tesco but it didn’t work unfortunately.

I have tested this at a BP petrol station and at waitrose and it worked at both places.

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Great features! I will try with my cards !


Please make sure you have the latest version of the app and give closing it a go :smiley:

What happened? :-/ Did the machine simply not accept the barcode?


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Is there a way, I can import my cards from sto card app to curve app. I really do not have time to copy everything again in curve card ?

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Yep that’s exactly what happened. The poor guy tried twice but it just didn’t register. The barcode did scan but I think it must of thrown up a error on the till.

A suggestion tip: add the possibility to rotate the card (with a single tap o with a rotation of the smartphone) to increase the size of the bar code!


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Hi good idea, although when testing mobile barcode tickets on rail, I found that if you didn’t have the orientation lock on it would increase the size of the barcode then reader couldn’t translate this resulting in a fail :cry:
Cheers Dave

Two questions: 1. Doesn’t seem to be working on the build in the US… is that correct? 2. My beta app in Testflight says “Build Removed.” Seems I dropped out of beta testing somewhere along the way… happy to re-enter and contribute as I use both UK and US cards which is helpful apparently. Thanks.

As I just posted in multiple device request thread, with loyalty cards new feature, you should take in consideration now even more multiple devices option

Nice feature, thanks Curve!

How could I sort my favourite loyalty card? Eg. the DM would be the first.

Is it possible to view all seller logo on the card list? (for the quicker search)


Love the feature and can’t wait to see more of what’s to come!

The only snag for me is that the Costa loyalty card just shows the really long card number instead of their QR code - I’m guessing barcodes pull through but QR codes don’t yet maybe?

QR codes look slightly weird on my device

(I deleted some parts for privacy)

Hi, I have more then 25 cards in the STOCARD APP. There were only 15 minutes to “import” to Curve APP only. But this moment the usage of the STOCARD is better. There are all seller logo in the card list and the frequently used cards are on the top. Dave

This is such a great idea, I had mine stored on a google pay app but have to switch between that and the curve app so this makes things easier :wink: