New feature alert: Add your loyalty cards to Curve

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Hey moisheygross,
thanks for you report!

A fix for this issue is already in place and included in Curve 2.31.0 (BETA).

Hey Sholland1903,
we’ve reworked how a few Loyalty Cards appear in app (i.e. Costa).
It is coming in the next Curve BETA release :smile:

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Hey thanks for the reply!

That’s great news, I’ll wait for the update to come through and check it out :blush:

Why can’t I sort the cards in alphabetical order?

Can you rework the KFC one, should appear as a QR code rather than a small flat one

The ability to straight up upload a QR code in the custom card bit would be nice. I have a pret a manger QR code I would like to add as its not a physical card which for now is just a photo on my phone which is kinda annoying, this could totally remove that annoyance. Keep up the good work.

Also im sure its been mentioned, but favourites would be good so my top 3 could be at the top etc.

Love it!
Just a quick question - how do brands that appear on your app get in touch to add brand assets to their page?
I look after one of the brands listed in the loyalty section, but our branding (logo etc) is missing so I’d like to get that resolved.

I’m loving the Loyalty app, I currently use Stocard,
I have found that when using their app, they offer some advantages for example. Blue Light Card, we’re supposed to carry it with other us but Stocard allows you to take a photo of the front and reverse so you can virtually carry it. Also, the costa reward card doesn’t generate the QR code necessary to scan at the till. Otherwise, I’m really enjoying using the curve loyalty function! Well done team.

I would also love this feature too.

One thing I noticed is that when adding the ICA loyalty card in Sweden it uses barcodes even though QR codes is used in the store.

I use loyalty programmes in UK and US, Portugal after Curve going live, it is impossible to select programmes from outside the country where I’m now.

Will I have to re add the card to get the QR code?

Hi I didn’t mine updated automatically.

Hope this helps

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