New feature alert: Add your loyalty cards to Curve

Shell gas stations clubs: V-Power club and SMART club. I wonder how well these two loyalty programs work with Curve.
V-Power club card issued by Shell in one European country, SMART club card in other European country (both continental Europe). V-Power club card has bar code on backside. SMART card none.
Curve app doesn’t offer scanning the card if to select “Shell Clubsmart” from precompiled list of loyalty programs.
The try to use above cards through Curve this week failed.Cashiers needed to scan bar code from my smartphone screen. Curve app however doesn’t present and bar code for these cards registered with Curve app. It only shows card number.
Additionally loyalty cards registered with Curve app seem to use Internet connection while scanning during transaction. Cards registered to app are not presented in app if there is no Internet connection. Is this a desired feature?

Can we have the option to reorder/sort the cards we add?



To be honest, loyalty cards in Curve are in their very infantile state, and it’s hard to believe they are going to invest much time into development of that functionality…
I would suggest you to get Stocard app for that purpose

Hey there. You’re not able to sort your loyalty cards at the moment, but it’s something that our team are looking into implementing in future app updates. Thanks for the feedback!

V-Power club card bar code scanning to Curve app is resolved as forbidden access to device camera was the reason. Still no test was performed.

When is the feedback from the beta post going to be looked at? I’m still not a fan of the headings that appear to now take over the screen. The main focus should be the cards, not the headings!

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Big fan of the loyalty feature and I like the way it’s laid out.

However, is there any reason why this can’t work offline?

I was just in a store with no signal and Curve wouldn’t load any of my saved loyalty cards.

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Had the same issue, had to connect to the stores WiFi but I rarely use loyalty cards anymore

I am still confused about the purpose of this, so I thought I would ask. 90% of my loyalty cards also sit in my apple wallet, accessible from the Lock Screen and when I Apple Pay (worth noting that all my payment cards too, I continue to hope that Curve will put in the automated charge x type to y card function as otherwise I just select the card I need in Apple Pay rather than open the curve app to select)

The remaining few loyalty cards I have in Stocard which is also accessible from the apple wallet and while it mostly doesn’t scan, all the main loyalty cards I use (which overlaps with the suggested list quite heavily in the app) have their own existing Apple Wallet integrations.

I assumed that the addition of loyalty cards was going to lead to something really clever like a dynamic presentation of a loyalty card at locations in Apple Pay screens or something similarly clever, but right now it seems to offer me the same as I have with three times the effort.

Is this an Android user thing maybe - I don’t use Google Pay much on my work phone and but I seem to remember the wallet is quite limited on Android…

I know I’m late to the party but I was reminded by today’s beta release that I still after all this time haven’t tried this feature, for the reasons above mainly.

Google Pay has improved and covers more cards, but I haven’t added many loyalty cards to it or Curve as I find more of them also have their own app that has offers you can activate within it (eg Tesco, M&S). I’m glad some find it useful but it’s not really a feature I’ve found a use for.