New iPhone, Restored Curve app but no Verification request sent to my number!

Just upgraded to new iPhone, tried to login to Curve with email address and password! No luck, so Magic Link sent and received. So logged in and Curve then asked for mobile number for verification code. Several attempts later (and using Resend Code) no code received from Curve!

Curve trying very hard to lose a customer!

In this sort of situation where you have loss of use of the app until it’s sorted I’d call the number on the back of your card to get some more urgent help - I don’t think the usual email support route will be quick enough.

I think Curve had some problems with sending SMS yesterday morning and the day before. :hammer_and_pick: I was trying to reconnect my Curve Card to Google Pay and didn’t receive verification SMS either, even after multiple retries, removing card and adding it again etc. :hot_face: But yesterday afternoon when I tried again, the SMS finally arrived on the first attempt and all worked well. :partying_face:

So my advise = try again today. :wink:

PS: Just for info, I had 2 replies from Curve customer support in 24 hours as a reply to my support request regarding this problem. Good job, thank you! :+1:

Thanks ediflyer and Petr

Have spoken with Curve (on the first day) who advised I do all the usual things (remove app, reinstall fresh app, reboot iPhone) and try again!

Same result every time. Log in successfully and then asked for mobile number for verification text. Despite several attempts no verification text sent/received.

Tried again a number of times yesterday. same (non) result😱

Call into Curve to activate Curve for Apple Pay but went to voice mail. Message left for call back - nothing heard!

Tried again this morning, logged in via Magic Link, all OK until having entered mobile number for verification code.- no code received! Even tried resend but same result!

This is now getting very frustrating…

Frustrations over…verification code now received!!

Service is back to normal. Thanks Curve people.

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