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NEW Partnership with Discover in the EU

Hi guys :wave:

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Discover in the EU.

With our US launch swiftly approaching our focus has centred around expanding Curve’s network across the EU and the US. Discover is one of the most recognised brands in US financial services and one of the top four major credit card brands.

Curve and Discover have a mutual desire for innovation and expansion across the US and Europe and this partnership gives you the ability to add Discover Global Network cards, including the Diners Club International Card, to your Curve Wallet in the app, allowing access to all the regular card privileges and rewards, as well as Curve loyalty and cashback, Apple Pay and Google Pay benefits on top.

Discover Global Network has more than 50 million merchant acceptance locations and 2 million ATM and cash access locations around the world. The Discover Global Network includes Discover Network, Diners Club International, PULSE and more than 20 alliance partner networks across the globe.

All Curve European customers can now add their Discover cards to the Curve Wallet.

Further expansion to come across the US later in the year.


Ahh a non-UK feature. How the tables have turned… :laughing:


Missing Italy :frowning:

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I wonder if it’s possible for the uk to apply for the cards…

Yes but there is absolutely no point IMHO. As a credit card is more multi purpose and has better acceptance.

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To be clear, this is actually a new feature allowing Discover (and affiliated cards like Diners Club) to be added to Curve like Visa and Mastercard can be.

This feature isn’t generally useful for the U.K. as no banks (that I know of) currently issue Discover cards, but if you do happen to have one you should be able to add it!


But discovery cards offer more cashback and can now be used through curve

That’s a fair point but I would actively want a card that’s accepted everywhere even though the cashback might be less.

Using it via Curve is the best of both worlds I guess.


Exactly, the potentially better rewards available through Discover with the card acceptance of Mastercard through Curve.

It sounds like a great feature!


Very exciting news :top: but Italians Diners cards are missing :cry:


Hello @nicksal,

It’s available in Italy :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I’ve tried several time with my Diners Card but it doesn’t work. I contacted Diners and everything is ok from their side but after the request of card verification from Curve in the app appears the message to try with another card :fearful:


Hey @nicksal,

Please reach out to support team at and they’ll be able to help you with this.

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I’ve already wrote to them more than 5 days ago but no answer :pleading_face:


Hey @nicksal,

Drop a message on Twitter @AskCurve.

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It sounds good but unfortunately it does not work in Italy.
Contacted the support several days ago I am waiting an answer

Not available in France. And not a big improvement anyway … Waiting for some real improvements. The Rewards scheme for example :wink:


If your Diners card doesn’t work, you can contact Curve support on Twitter and ask for an explanation! Drop a tweet to “@AskCurve” and write to them in English :wink:

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