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Almost 3 months. Diners still don’t work in Italy and, since Italy is part of the Europe, it is not true that the app works great in Europe or that Curve works with Diners in the whole Europe.

Still no timeframe for the resolution.

Won’t write what I think to avoid being banned again without reason (I’ve always been in the limit of the code of conduct).

Instead of banning me, would you be so kind to provide a timeframe for the resolution?

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If I were you, I would have already cancelled my subscription.

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I won’t. I want everyone to see what happens when they have a BLOCKER ISSUE with Curve.
I want everyone to see HOW LONG it takes for CURVE to resolve BLOCKER ISSUES for paying users.
I want everyone to know that it can happen that your issue could last months without any information and after months curve simply say “it is not our fault, it is {company name}'s fault and we can’t do anything about that”.

If you would downgrade from metal to blue you don’t have to pay the subscription money anymore, but you still will be able to follow your support case (and inform other users about the progress).
If eventually it would be possible to add Italian Diners cards to the Curve wallet you can always upgrade again from blue to metal.

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Totally true, but I don’t want to give the excuse that I have no priority support and I am a free user so the support is a best effort.
I’m a METAL paying user and I want to publicly show what is happening to a paying user with a METAL subscription.

You will just downgrade to blue like I did… as general problem with UK based companies is poor customer service…

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Not control, but you can influence

Exactly. They are talking as if Checkout is doing them a favour to give the card validation service while I really believe they are paid for the service.
In my company we have Service Level Agreements (SLA): if we don’t resolve a blocker issue before a certain amount of time (usually 3 days), we start paying penalties.
That being said:

  1. Bad: how can it be that Curve accepts (after declaring the support in the WHOLE EUROPE) that Checkout leaves an entire country (Italy) with a blocker issue with Diners card for more than 3 months?
  2. Worse: how can it be that Curve accepts that after 3 months they still don’t provide any time frame?
  3. Worst: how can it be that Curve released a feature in production without even testing it? (It doesn’t work for the whole country, not just for me, so, clearly, it has not been tested)

Oh, and I forgot to add the sauce (you can verify everything in my past messages):

  • 10th of August: they told me that my Diners issues was because of Diners blocking Curve
  • 13th of August: they told me they were aware of the issue with Diners, they were working hard to fix it but they didn’t have a timeframe for the resolution
  • 29th of September: they told me that their “engineering team” was working on my case but it was affecting a too small number of people (ie: all the Italians using Curve with Diners) to look into and speed up the process. Then I’ve been banned from this forum for 6 days because (the moderator said) “I didn’t respect the code of conduct”
  • 11th of October: now the things have changed. Now it is Checkout fault and they can’t do anything to speed up the process.

What they said on October 11th clearly shows they lied to me all the time. Did they say the truth now?
Who knows? Will they ever solve the issue with Diners in Italy?
Can I trust their words ever again?

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Maybe you’re taking the matter too much to heart. This preoccupation is unhealthy.

After all that, why are you still using curve at all?

Seriously speaking, what I meant is that to use their service I had to give them my credit cards details. It is very important to trust them, and now I can’t trust them anymore.

There are 2 reasons:
1st) To use their service I had to give them all my card details. There is no turning back unless I ask to re-emit all my cards.
2nd) Are you aware of another service analogous to curve? I have cards from different countries in Europe and Curve, although everything but ideal, is the only choice to avoid bringing all them all the time and remember all the PINs.
That’s becoming lesser and lesser true now that the banks are starting supporting Google Pay: when I will be able to use all of them through Google Pay, I don’t think I will use Curve anymore.

Anyway, I don’t think it is important why I still use Curve. What is important is: why did they lie?

I’m not sure whether it’s deliberate. Curve seems to be in constant crisis mode and the information that comes out is always a mess. Is it really worth the hassle just so you don’t have to remember card details?

Why indeed?

Isn’t the ultimate, least injurious, positive step to cease using them and just move on?

See my answer here: NEW Partnership Alert 🚨 - #74 by Jekyll

So that’s a no, then……:roll_eyes:

Hey, again @Jekyll!

Sorry to hear you’re still unhappy about this issue as we haven’t been able to resolve this yet. Please be assured that the Curve team are still pushing for this to be resolved by the team at Checkout. We understand your frustrations and we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and other affected users. As mentioned, we’ll let you know as soon as we have an update from the Checkout team such as a timeframe for this being resolved or a breakdown of what went wrong so that we can let our customers know how we plan on learning and growing from this misstep.

In the meantime, it’s clear that your experience as a Curve user has been negatively impacted by this issue. If you’d like to raise a complaint regarding this then please contact our complaints team at


i use the german diners club card in my curve card. it all works wonderfully. I have a question for all Diners Club users. If I book a trip with a Curve (DC Card), then the insurance of the Diners Club card will also apply, or DC will reject it and say the trip was paid for via Curve. DC only charged a financial service with Curve but not the trip.

I believe you should ask Diners this question.
Any answer given here can be only a supposition unless someone already discussed that with diners.