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Hi, how did you made that? I still see only the “old” image in my app - is this personal made? :slight_smile:

Write an email with the first 6 digits (BIN) from your diners Card and an Image to:
… then wait…
in the future curve will insert it and you will be able to select it.

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Thank you!

I wish I would have such a problem too :frowning:
Still no updates from CURVE and I still can’t use my Diners with Curve.

I will never trust them anymore.


Curve works really well with my Diners Club International card issued in Slovakia, so I am rather surprised to read about the issues with the DC cards issued in Italy.

I have been using the combination DC+Curve+Apple Pay for almost two months and have had no issues whatsoever. Diners Club is the only charge/credit card in the Slovak market that has a nice rewards programme and also a high limit for spending, but it’s rather difficult to come across a place here where DC is accepted (I’ve only seen some gas stations accept it) and also it’s not supported by Apple Pay. But thanks to Curve, I use it for 95% of my overall spending now. Mostly in the places, where DC is not accepted. This makes me dependent on Curve, so well done guys with adding this feature :wink:


What rewards does DC offer in Slovakia?

You collect reward points for paying with your DC card, which you can then exchange for luxury liquors, high fashion brands items, household appliances, restaurant vouchers, or the premium card with which you can enter airport lounges free of charge.

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It is very annoying for us in Italy.
No time from Curve’s support to solve the issue

For me it’s stupid to send the pictures to Curve team how diners club should look like as they all pretty much looks the same…