New restrictions on non-EEA/UK cards

I just received the below email:


Whether you’re a frequent flyer, an expat, or a student studying abroad – Curve gives you the power to spend like a local wherever you are in the world. You can eliminate foreign exchange fees from your cards, unlock contactless payments and spend anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

But up until now, our terms have not allowed cards outside the UK/EEA. This puts limits on our customers who use cards from other countries with Curve. And we don’t want that.

So we’re giving all our customers the power to spend with their international cards through Curve. Curve premium customers will have the power to do this for free, and fee-free limits will differ depending on which Curve plan you’re on.

What to expect
If you’re using an international card, you’ll be asked to ‘opt-in’ to our new terms later this week to keep using that card. Keep an eye out in the app for more details about fees and fair usage policy.

Get ahead
Upgrade to Curve Metal now to have your card in hand before this change. In addition to making fee-free payments with your international cards, you can save more on foreign exchange fees, get phone and travel insurance included, earn cashback as you shop, and lots more.

Any ideas what the limitations will be for each membership level?

I’m a Metal user, and as soon as I enter the BIN of my Brazilian card, it rejects it as not supported. So it doesn’t seem true that non-UK/EEA cards are supported.

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great news for us metal people

contact curve about that they will fix it happen with my uk starling bank card

They have always been supported for me (e.g. US cards), but perhaps you should try your Brazilian card again next week or whenever Curve officially launches this change?

looks like us black and metal users will get free fx on weekends now and hopefully unlimited limits for metal users Happy days

I’ve also been using US cards with Curve for a long time now and never had issues adding them. So, I’m not sure what they’re going on about it not being supported up until now…

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It worked, but was against the rules until now. When you add a card it makes this also very clear in the wording, aka “This card must be issued in your name and in the EAA”


That’s a more recent app change I believe. It wasn’t the case back when I started using Curve in 2016 at least… Also, Curve themselves have said that only the first card you add needs to be from EEA, after that anything goes. And there’s no mention of only adding EEA cards in the actual terms.

Where did you see that? Would be a welcome change!


My U.S. card charges a 1% intl. transaction fee when using my Curve card, even though the transaction is in USD because the merchant (=Curve) is outside the U.S.

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What bank is that? At least my Chase cards that normally charge 3% FTF don’t charge anything when used through Curve.

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Welp… it’s live. 2.9% fee to keep using them on the free tier. Even Metal has a 5k monthly cap… and with that Curve is officially dead for me…


Do you have a link to the terms/limits? I just get this error when clicking the CTA in the app…

What address did you use for the registration? EEA or US?

I just got the new opt in popup as metal user and it said something like: up to 5000 euro per month fee free, then 2.5%

This sounds like it is across all cards, not card specific similar to fronted

I’m not using internationally cards heavily but if I were, 5000 may be not that hard to hit depending on the purchases. (Then again, just normal usage and it’s probably only a problem for the rich people here)
Anyway I really hope they raise that to the same 10k as fronted just to not have to think about it. can imagine that’s gonna be the last straw for many to leave curve

So this happened. I’ve been using Curve mostly as an EU-debit-card proxy for my US cards. And I’ve been doing it since 2016! And now they want me to pay fifteen euros per month or 2.5% commission for the privilege?!

This change is the WORST possible policy decision I can think of. Curve overtly tells the oldest customers (I’m on the “Black legacy” plan) to take a hike. I’ll raise awareness about this in any way I can.

I fully expect this message to be deleted, as many of my other messages in this community have been. Curve doesn’t like dissent.

It’s a sad day, people.


Metal also has an upper limit of 5000 before 2.5% gets charged


im a metal customer for me its ok now for now. You can tell they are having money problems


they better not charge me weekend fees then if they are talking about 2.5% fee

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That’s the feeling I got as well. They knew of this for a while but probably didn’t act on it as it wasn’t necessary (yet)

For me personally it’s not a problem either and I’d rather want them to abolish weekend fees, which looks like it’s never going to happen when they’re looking for places to add new fees