New retailers - Portugal

Hello. I live in Azores - Portugal and almost of the retailers for cash-back wont work in this islands. What about adding new retailers like Glovo or other international food stores, like Pizza Hut?

Hi there, @LSMelo

Curve are expanding their list of retailers on a regular basis which means that they could include Portugal’s retailers in the future.

In the meantime, be sure not to make a selection until relevant options to you are added, as this cannot be changed once processed.

Take care :slight_smile:


Already choosed in order to have my Blue Card.


A domingo, 8 de dez de 2019, 13:02, Hugo via Curve Community escreveu:

I see. In that case, if supported merchants arise in the future, please contact Curve’s support team to request a reset. I suspect that a reset is not offered lightly and would need to explain the circumstances for them to consider your request.

Yesss, I really would love to have more Portuguese operating retailers. Some ideas: Fnac, Worten, Pingo Doce, Minipreço, Meu Super, Bom dia, Uber eats, Comboios Portugal, Galp, Springfield, Note!, Wook.

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