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Who’s had the survey today where they’re clearly thinking about charging to use Go Back in Time and to use Curve for debit card only transactions, such as paying HMRC bills?

Good luck with that, Curve Team. Get it wrong and it could be the cause of a mass exodus.


Or it could be because Curve wants to introduce additional pick and choose services like unlimited FX for a set fee without getting the metal subscription.

I found it an very worrying proposition - charging for using credit as debit would massively impact on the value of the Curve proposition to me. Here’s hoping some strong survey results lead to a rethink!


I just received a Curve survey which suggested that Curve were looking at the possibility of charging customers a % fee to use their card at HMRC

That sucks.

Obviously losing money on that.

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Just completed a Curve survey. You missed the most important statement.

I carry curve to replace all my other cards.

That’s a very strange omission indeed.

Particularly as it’s the strap-line feature. :thinking:

Yes and whilst the air miles are huge when paying a tax bill I don’t really want to pay a fee as well
Oh well it was good while it lasted!

I think it’s a marketing ploy. By intentionally omitting that option it will force some customers to choose the ‘pay with credit for debit card only payments’. Lead them to think that is the most important benefit and they may be more inclined to accept paying a fee for it. Purely speculation, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Questions asked may depend what on how you use the card. Looks like they want to charge a fee to use a credit card to pay tax bill - the only important feature for me - if that goes or the fee is high then I’m off! The packaged products aren’t that interesting


Personally, I would likely stop using Curve as all they seem to be doing is adding charges to the features people use the most.


Thought I’d do a few tax payments before it changes - when does the paymet limit reset, is it the first of Jan?


I believe it is a rolling year

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Yep payment limits are on a rolling basis (24h/30d/1y)

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The size of the charges are pretty high as well. It’s nice to use for a bit of Tesco points/Tandem bonus which is 0.5% at best but this would get completely wiped out by a 1-2% charge.

I get the impression from the survey that Curve think users are using this as a short term loan.

Wish they had said this before I invested - wouldn’t have bothered if I’d known!

The launch of Android/Samsung pay felt like a real positive, but this latest survey is a source of concern - introducing charges for currently free features seems like a bit of a desperate act.

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At the end of the day they need to make money eventually and they must lose a lot of money on these transactions. Free for metal holders and charged for others would be a reasonable compromise.

Curve have stated they ‘cover their costs’ on transaction fees, so I’m not sure they’re losing money on these transactions.

While GBIT is a nice feature, it’s also a function that Curve basically have to offer. I bet the majority of users actively using >1 card have at least once charged something to the wrong card, and used GBIT to fix it.

Skimming of HMRC transactions just feels wrong - on a par with AmEx blocking Curve. What’s next - 1% charge on Waitrose transactions because you’d shop at Lidl if you couldn’t afford it?

Free for metal holders isn’t really a ‘compromise’ - if you don’t already have Metal, there’s a simple cost/benefit analysis - and I suspect very few people make significantly more than £15/month extra cashback by using Curve to pay their tax bill.

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I agree. £15 a month for metal is a lot bearing in mind one air mile is the equivalent of 1 pence in the pound