New to curve: Transactions feedback

I am new to Curve. I got the Curve Black card to give it a try and see the benefits for myself.

I do have some feedback for the transactions log. In occasions it becomes unclear what happens with refunded, partially refunded or partial payment transactions.

I’ll give you an example. A merchant authorises a payment of £100. Then the merchant actually takes £50. What happens with the other £50? I had to contact support to see the refund showing after I recently had a similar issue with Amazon UK.
Also, I have noticed a ‘Pending’ showing for transactions but it has only been for a brief period after each transaction. What does it really mean? Does it display for as long as the retailer hasn’t requested the money?

How long to refunds take to appear in the app?

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Hey, firstly welcome to Curve and welcome to the Curve Community! :grin:

Thank you for the feedback on how transactions show in-app, I’ll pass your feedback along. Regarding a refunded transaction, if the merchant applies this refund to the same purchase it should be reflected in your app.

Transactions may appear as pending if the merchant authorises a transaction, but doesn’t capture the funds immediately. This can be for a variety of reasons but as soon as the merchant captures it won’t appear as pending!

Refunds appear in-app as soon as we’ve processed them. It can take up to 5 working days for a refund to be received from the merchant :sweat_smile:

Thanks for this information @CurveJake.
When the merchant sends a refund, is it processed immediately in your end?

What happened if the merchant authorises £100, but only requests £50? By the time the merchant requests the £50, Curve will have already authorised £100 from the payment card selected, if not requested the whole amount.

Is this when using card to buy petrol - where the pump charges you £99 but then you only fill up £30-40?

I’m curious as well. At the moment my Amex takes a few days to update the payment amount to the actual amount.

Sounds like a similar situation to what I am describing with Amazon.
Only Amazon will take less if you cancel one of the products in your order before they dispatch it, but the remaining are left for the order to be dispatched.

Hey! Sorry I didn’t see your reply earlier :sweat_smile:

When the merchant sends a refund through, we process it within 24 hours. It can then take up to 5 working days to hit your bank account (typically a bit faster).

In the scenario you’re suggesting, it depends how quickly they send through the second authorisation amount. If they were to send it within 24 hours we can reverse in that transaction and it’ll be a bit quicker for you to get the amount. If not, we’ll immediately initiate the difference as a refund and again this can take up to 5 working days to hit your account.

Let me know if you’ve get any other questions! :grin:

Similar I believe! Petrol pumps typically charge you (and us) the full amount that you can buy (usually 99) and then the cost is adjusted later for the amount you actually used. We reverse within the transaction though, so the refund isn’t sent through separately.

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