New UK online purchase checks from September

From September UK (and EU?) Bank cards will be subject to 2 factor authorisation (eg. code by SMS, or via banking app) for all online purchases.

Will (1) Curve be using this extra security level?; (2) using Curve for online purchases require extra authentication with the underlying card issuer?; (3) since I’ve yet to come across a UK card issuer which takes any notice of the merchant code passed by Curve, will using Curve in stores potentially end up requiring extra authentication from the underlying card issuer?

Or has Curve got a cunning plan to get around this?

I have had two credit card providers now advise me of the changes in September regarding online payments.

If my Curve card is used in person (at Safeway in USA for example) will the transaction to my funding card be treated as an online transaction? Will I then have to validate the transaction with the funding card provider?

Likewise, if my Curve card is used online, will the Curve card transaction need to be validated or the transaction to the funding card?

Would be useful if curve send out a mail shot with the details of how this is all going to work.

Yes, this is because Curve presents itself as an eCommerce merchant to the card it’s billing.

Yes although if I recall correctly all liability is shifted to the card issuer should this system be abused - so Curve could in theory let ones it think as not suspicious go through at risk to itself.

It’s possible as adding more layers to payments means less people are going to spend as much, which is kind of crucial to Curve.

In theory yes but if your provider has been around long enough they’ve been looking at your purchases and will see Curve comes up a lot - ‘whitelisting’ it by letting all payments through based on that it’s a common merchant for you.

Some store block card that dont have the new 2 factor authentication

I’ve also had several notifications from card providers. Having to authorise all non-online transactions when using a curve card seems like it’s going to necessary, which will be a real disincentive to use the card for everyday transactions. Is Curve taking any steps to workaround this with the card providers?

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