New user- curve worked fine initially, now won't at all

I messaged support (apparently) via the app, but haven’t had any reply.

I bank with Barclays, who are notorious for not supporting any phone payment method other than apple pay and Barclays own delapidated phone app, which is as far from convenient as possible.

I have a Galaxy note 10+, hence signed up to Curve.

I set up an account no problem. Added my Barclays bank and credit cards no problem. Added curve to Google Pay no problem.

As you can see from the screenshot, the first payment from my phone was no problem at all.

Great, or so i thought.

Physical card arrived, activated that no problem (not used it yet).

Second payment when out on Sunday just gone was fine too.

Since then though, it’s not worked and every transaction is being declined.

I’ve tried both my own account (was the first to decline) and the joint account which worked twice previously, but that is now being declined as well.

Only managed to spend about £16, so nowhere near any limits. Plenty of funds in all accounts, so that’s not the problem either.

On all declined payments, I’ve used my physical Barclays bank card within a minute or so and it’s gone through fine.

I’ve removed my personal account card from curve and re added it, which made no difference as it was declined again today.

Any ideas?

I thought I’d found a way to make phone payments possible, but seems not, as I don’t trust it at all and take my wallet everywhere still… which has utterly defeated the purpose.

Hi Russ, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I’m sorry to see that you are having problems with the Curve card seemingly declining all your transactions.

I would say the fastest way to reach somebody from
Curve would be for you to do is to tweet them via Twitter @AskCurve.

Hey @Russbmw welcome to the Community, glad to have you here :grin:

Would it be possible that your physical card has a different number than your virtual card and it need to be activated / updated on your Google Pay? Sometimes that’s an issue and a simple delete and re-add does the trick!

As Leon mentioned, if you’re still getting declines it might be worth getting in touch through Twitter so they can take a look.

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