New Visa - credentials expired (date & CVV2)

I Need your help . How can i change the expired Date and the three digit security number for my Update Visa Card ? I can Not Delete the old Visa Card, neither Insider the new one in the walket By Curve App . Its not so rare that a Debit Card will be Upgrade by time . What can i do?

The only way to update the details at the moment is to delete the old card and add it with the new details. Vote for a better way to do this here:

You say you can not delete the old card. Do you get an error message when doing so?


I think he is using Curve with only one card. Then you cannot delete this only card in your Curve App.

Right that is the Problem . The Debit Card is my Visa Card . There is no other Debit Card . So What can i do cause my old Visa expired next month?
Ore what Is the workaround to actualize the Debit Card for owner With one Debit Card ?
Hmm Apple can do That , Paypal can do That , Even the Not modern Banks of Germany can do That only Hippie curve not :joy::joy::joy:

Okay probably an dificult but working solution: Create an account by Bunq. There you get an (virtual or an plastic(10€)) card. Fill up this card with 10€ for the activation charge and add it to Curve. Then you can remove your old card and add it as a new. Best wishes :joy:

Gerne können wir aber auf Deutsch schreiben :slight_smile:

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Danke Leon
Wobei das ist ja ein schwererer Archtiktur Fehler . Eigentlich wollte ich nicht noch ne Karte .
Curve ist klasse . Ich liebe es mit der Apple Watch zu bezahlen . Aber exp Date und Cvv Update nicht zu berücksichtigen ist ein wenig hmm ja dämlich

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I guess that if you contact support they can edit your card details, without the need for you to add a different MasterCard or VISA.

Thank you poelev. I agree. Okay how can i get in contact with the Support of Curve. I think Not there strongest side

By email:
Or through Twitter: @askcurve

I want to add that I had the same problem and asked support for a solution, but they said (at this point) that they should ask tech support. After that, I got no answer for two weeks. I think adding a second card is faster. Instead of getting a new card, you could ask a family member for a card and then delete it. That was my experience with this problem.

In addition, the support team has been very busy lately and needs about a week for normal feedback, but it is never wrong to make them aware of the problem.

Good luck :slight_smile:

In German:

Ich möchte hinzufügen, dass ich das gleiche Problem hatte und den Support um eine Lösung gebeten habe, aber sie sagten (zu diesem Zeitpunkt), dass sie den technischen Support fragen müssten. Danach bekam ich zwei Wochen lang keine Antwort. Ich denke, es ist schneller, eine zweite Karte hinzuzufügen. Anstatt eine neue Karte zu beantragen, könntest du ein Familienmitglied nach einer Karte fragen und diese im Anschluss wieder löschen. Das war auf jeden Fall meine Erfahrung.

Zusätzlich ist der Support sehr ausgelastet in letzter Zeit und braucht für eine normale Rückmeldung schon, etwa eine Woche, jedoch ist es nie verkehrt, ihn auf das Problem aufmerksam zu machen.

Viel GlĂĽck bei deinem Anliegen :slight_smile:

Danke Leon

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Gerne doch ^^

I had this problem too…

I don’t think contacting support via email is a solution. Of course, it is the correct way to submit a complaint, but they can’t correct the card data if you don’t provide them. And sending expiration date and the security code (CVV) is absolutely unacceptable because of security reasons. They can be entered only directly to the application.

While it is possible to delete the card and add a new one later such a temporary solution is ok WHEN you can use it (ie. you have another card registered). It is impossible for users with one card only so it is a Curve problem that must be solved.

Perhaps it’s possible to wait until the card expires and then to try to update card details? Curve should explain how to proceed in such a case…

Trank you witold.
Thats a Mess. There is obvisouly no Solution with Users who Debit Card is going to expired. Funny its like going too a Mercedes Dealer and the Sales Man say go Buy to a BMW.

Trank you , i have only one Debit Card .

try adding the card again with new details

This is unbelievable.
It’s a huge design hole if they didn’t think of a way for users to update their card details after expiration.
When they designed the wallet, weren’t they aware that payment cards expire after a few years ?

That dos Not work, cause i can Not add with the Same Visa

I’m unsure why use curve if you only have one card, you could just use your card. I think this is why they don’t support having no cards (i.e. whilst you delete and add to update expiry details).

True thats foolish . You can not the new one cause the old Debit Card is online. You can not change the expired Dates in the App, and you can not remove the old Debit cause its the unique Debit Card. You Need a second phidicsl Debit Card . Unbeleavible! The Service is Helpdesk. Young Childs playing Software Bank. Good Product , very Worse Realisation for lifecycle, and a helpless Service , weich did. not unterstand the Problem. I think End next month without a Solution i habe to say Bye bye to Curve .