New Year, New Cards




they teased this back in March last year on Twitter.

Im really hoping for black metal, its the only thing that would bring me back to the metal plan.


I recently dropped down from metal. Couldn’t justify the £15 a month when 80% of it is for those who travel by plane. I don’t, unfortunately 🥲.

It would be good to be able to ‘select’ your card colours :heart_eyes:


Do you know if investors get to choose new cards?


Be nice if we did :slight_smile:

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The word CURVE would look good as graffitti or “street art” if i had a card id want a graffiti design on it and it be made out of metal, it would look sick


Actually, this would look awesome; even better on a black metal card would make a graffiti logo stand out so much more :slight_smile:

I don’t blame you, tbh curve seriously needs to up their game in this department, the only reason I still have my metal subscription and haven’t switched to revolut’s is because I’m a curve fan boy and see it as doing my part in helping the company grow. In terms of the benefits they’re extremely underwhelming and I hardly use them. The best feature is the ATM withdrawal limit of £600, there should be a lot more to call home about considering the steep monthly commitment.


Amen. I’m pleased someone shares the same views. I stuck it out for a year at metal for the support (and for the fact I tried to sell the product to friends and family, which didn’t look good not sat on the highest tier myself) but it then became painful that I was paying out £15 a month for what was about £3 a month back in cash back. I already pay £22 a month to Lloyds bank for what i need within the underlying cards facilities. Phone insurance already with Lloyds Bank at a lower claim threshold as well in comparison, so not even that was a benefit!

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Is this actually happening, my metal card has started to delaminate after a year so I need to order a new one but might hold off until the new designs are released?

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No idea, but that marketing is almost out of date to announce; ‘to help cure those January blues’ - well we are almost half way through January…

Right now, I wish they’d sort their Customer Service out!!


Customer Service has always been their issue, I remember calling their 24 hr help line while I was away once. I got the night receptionist at head office who was only able to send an email to the team who arrived at 9am UK time. Which wasn’t much help.

Classic example of a company expanding too quickly and not communicating internally, seen it a million times

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yep I agree.

Customer support went down the drain as soon as they signed a deal with Samsung.

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Would be great if investors who were eligible for metal cards could get one of the new ones as a souvenir :wink:

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So Curve’s social media platforms have released a new TV advert and state ‘shiny new cards are hot off the press’ - can’t find anything on the new cards anywhere? Anyone with a lead? So far the USA website shows the same card that was used in the advert…


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How strange - this isnt appearing on my newsfeed?! Cheers though.