Newbie curiosities 😊

Hi all
Am new to this so had a couple of questions and curiousities, if anyone knows the answer

Firstly how does go back in time works
How long does it take for a charge on my debit card to actually show up in my debit statement
When I pay using X card does curve or MasterCard actually covers the charge and then later on takes it from said X card?
Is that why there is a limit on how much you can spend
And if yes isn’t this pretty much a credit card service?
I made a bunch of payments on my curve using debit card but none of the payments show in my debit card app
Also preauthorized charges do they get cancelled minutes after they made?
Also how long does it take to get the e-receipt, I thought it was instant, like the app notification
Will come back with more questions haha

next question would be
how do we access the World Elite Mastercard Benefits - assuming the metal card is one of the cards - since it has the elite logo on the back?
on the website it asks to input the first 6 digits of the card - to find out what benefits you have but when i put the digits in comes it does not recognize them

third question - lounge key - trying to sign up but inputting the card number it says it doesnt recognize it

i know this was marked as Coming Soon but c’mon you cant advertise benefits that dont exist
let recap list of benefits that currently dont work - yet we are paying for them
Amex integration - i get there are issues and out of your control
Elite Mastercard benefits - none existent
Lounge key access - none existent

so basically the metal card is just a black card that is £5/mo more expensive - just cz is made of metal - and probably not even a precious metal

You’re not selling yourself at the moment !?!!

Several of your questions have been answered in other threads, whilst other comments of yours are just that - comments.

With the greatest respect, you’d be well served in reading up across the forum and for those points you make around unavailable benefits, you’ll realise that Curve are currently revisiting the whole structure and won’t have answers right now. Issuing a list such as yours right now just won’t help.


If they’d been answered please point me towards I don’t have time to go thru thousands of posts and the FAQ section answers none of my questions
I thought this was a community that helps not slaps
You must imagine since this was opened to public many new users who haven’t rubbed shoulders with old users for 1 year might have questions, so please help if you can or just read and move one…no need for being so hostile
As for the benefits questions I believe it’s everyone’s right to know what they paid for…no one pays for a car and takes home just the scheleton with the rest of the car coming sometime in the future
I really am on curves side especially on the amex issue
But I can’t find sympathy for promoting non existent perks
You can’t release a product that is not fully functional expect people to pay for it and then get slapped in th face by know it all legacy users like yourself for having the nerve to ask a legitimate question on where my money are going to

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But saying you don’t have time to read through the forum you can’t expect from us to use our time to look through the forum and give you the right links to every of your question.


Well is great to see the community here is like the product and the company… cryptic
Im not asking you to search through the forum to give me answers because I think you have more time than I have…am just asking some questions that am sure others might ask
You can answer them if you know (since you’ve been here longer and know the concept behind this card) or you can link a topic where is been answered

Or you can reply just to make a point on how great you beta guys are and how horrible the newbies are for asking something they don’t know
And FYI I read a lot of the posts and I noticed passive aggressive attitude of some beta users towards the general release move and offering perks to new members Vs established ones
Like the moderator said if this company is to thrive and succeed you need to understand they need new paying members
But if that’s the treatment we get for asking 3q and clarity on what this card actually offers jeez…don’t bite head off

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If you’re looking for an altercation, you’ve picked the wrong chap, Tim.

My advice is similar, I think, to that which you’d be offered by most others who are keen to welcome newcomers to a forum. I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of help and information if you take a wander through the threads. No nasty folk here…:flushed:

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You’ve been so helpful

I guess you could start here. FAQs - Your Curve card, app and account


i dont understand whats the big deal in sharing info - YES is credit card or NO is not
Equifax emailed me that Curve made a credit check request - even tho it said on their website - no credit checks for getting a curve card
this really makes me think it is acting as a credit card company
i just want some clarity - guess to much to ask - or no one knows here either
Also i can really guide after what it says on the back - eg: debit
for ex not all merchants knows Mastercard is also a debit card - so sometimes they charge CC fees etc

anyways - no point telling about my experience and queries since no one knows or cares to share a light

Hello @london2tim,

I’ll create a new category for new Curve customers and will post threads such as “How does Go Back in Time work?” etc to cover and gather information that’s needed when getting to know your Curve card, app, and features. Would appreciate any help and feedback once the Category is up to fill in the blanks.


thanks Marie - that would be useful - like i said - the new ones who’ve just come on board are still trying to understand everything - and would be good to know or be pointed towards where everything is stored

looking forward

You seem to moan at people for not being helpful but when people go out of their way to help you. You oddly enough say nothing…I guess some people you just can’t win with it seems. :man_shrugging:

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