Newbie GBiT Question

I used GBiT for the 1st time on Friday.

I’d a couple of transactions from the 1st of July that I moved to another card.

I know there’s a difference between transaction & posting date. As such I assumed that when the transactions were moved to the new card, on the new card the transaction date would be the 1st, but the posting date would be the 10th/11th.

In fact the transaction date was the 10th. It’s not an issue, but of course it means the Curve timeline doesn’t match the underlying card as it still shows the transaction as the 1st.

Like I said not an issue. Is there a reason it doesn’t get put on the new card with the original date (eg. this is not legal)?

I’m just curious.

No, you are thinking wrong here. You actually do the new transaction on the 10th, thus it gets moved to that date. Since the original transaction is reveresed, it also disappears from that date on your timeline. This way, timeline in Curve will match the statement from each underlying card.

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OK. I kind of assumed that Curve would ‘fake’ the new transaction date to be the old transaction date. However in my timeline I’m still seeing the transactions as being for the 1st. If you go into the details of them, the GBiT option says it was GBiT’d on the 10th, but the timeline shows the 1st - hence the confusion/question.

Not true. I can confirm GBITed transactions keep their original date and place on the timeline. Even if it means different months, e.g. I have a transaction with July date on my underlying card’s statement (date of GBIT) still showing up in June on my timeline (original purchase date).

I like it this way, I prefer to see when the original transactions were made on my timeline.

I’m not complaining. I just assumed that the transaction date would be ‘faked’ to the original when applied to the new card. I was wondering if there was a legal/technical reason as to why it’s not.