Newbie help required plz

I have a couple of points causing concern. Please can you advise?

  1. When applying for my Curve card £1 was added and deducted from the account I used to sign-up with curve. I knew this would happen but an additional sum of 0.71 was taken also. This transaction, in my account, provided a code I had to input during the application process. I’m not worried about losing 71p but I thought it would be deducted. 4 days later its still showing at 71p taken from my account. I’d just like to know why?
  2. I haven’t received my Curve card yet and due to the current situation it may take quite some time to arrive in the post, however, I have received an email from Curve giving me a deadline to use the £5 promotional joining incentive! The deadline is this month! Is this for real? I may not even get the card in time.
    I’m new to app-based banking and very cautious re. handing out trust to online companies, never mind bank details, but that impossible deadline seems very brutal and mercenary. This doesn’t bode well as I’m now thinking it was a sweetener that they seem to want to give with one hand and take with the other to acquire sign-ups. I hope I am wrong, and please forgive me if I am, but first impressions count and, there are all I have to go on at the moment.
    I’m cautious as this technology is so advanced, encryption is complex and feel I am literally handing over sensitive data on pure trust so I really need to know I can trust Curve before adding all my cards to the app.
    Please don’t take this message as a negative, it’s certainly not my intension, I’m merely trying to gain understanding and develop trust in Curve.
    Thank you for your time.

Hey there, welcome to the community.

  1. the process of taking some money from your account is a check to make sure the card is active, and money can be taken, the money will be refunded shortly.

  2. if you havent gotten your card, drop a message.

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Thank you, Dann.
I appreciate your assistance.
Have a good one

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