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I invested on Tuesday but haven’t heard anything since. It said originally that Crowdcube would be sending articles and other information after the fund round closed but haven’t received anything.

Has anyone received any update on this? Conscious that the cooling off period will end so would like to receive this ASAP.

Received yesterday via email

On Tuesday we launched our crowdfunding campaign.
We were absolutely blown away by your interest and support.

We raised a total of £6m in a record breaking 4 hours and 42 minutes.

Thank you for your support.

For all our new investors, Crowdcube will be in touch in the coming weeks to issue your share certificates. Similarly, we will be in touch with more information about your exclusive shareholder rewards!

Whether you invested or not, we want to take this incredible moment to thank all of you for your continued love and support of Curve.

We look forward to welcoming all our new investors on this exciting journey.


Founder, CEO

As long as you got your ID and address verified there shouldn’t be any problems and the investment should be processed. I had to reupload documents yesterday and received this mail just today:

Hi frx,

We are pleased to confirm that you have now passed our Anti Money Laundering checks and there is no further action required.

We are now able to process your investment in Curve.

Please note that we re-run our Anti Money Laundering checks every 12 months, should you be asked to submit documents again in the future.

Best wishes,
The Crowdcube Team

Almost a month now. The payment in Crowdfund says it is processing. I don’t know if the problem is on Curve’s or Crowdfunder’s side. But has anyone invested gotten their investment processed?
I used my Curve card to pay. Is that the problem perhaps?

Have you had an email from Crowdcube yet confirming they’re going to take payment in the next 24h? I haven’t invested in Curve but did in another company which finished quite a few weeks before Curve and they only took payment a couple of days ago. I did get the warning email 24h before though, with an option to change my registered card.

For Curve the email from Crowdcube said payment will get captured in 72 hours, so I am hoping it will not happen in the weekend, for obvious reasons. Financing Curve through exchange rate uplift is not my intention.

Agreed, I am concerned to change card on my Curve until the payment darn processes!

The uplift is a valid point @charlie.hammond, please can you confirm if this is a random 72 hour processing period or the actual time/ date as I wanted the payment processed within 24 hours on Friday…


Has anyone taken payment yet?!

I haven’t seen anything but glad it’s Monday and payment is not on weekend for first time I’ve said that ever!

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I was literally logging on to ask on the exact same question! I was emailed on the 19th September with the Articles of Association. I was told that i’d need to notify Crowdcube by 23:59 on 26th September if I had changed my mind and if not, then I am to do nothing and payment will be taken.

It is now 30th September and I’ve not had anything since and no money taken.

If I am honest, this has been an exciting build up to the event and the same a few days after, but since then, I’ve at some points forgotten I have even invested. All I have been bombarded with by Crowdcube is emails about other investments or pitches or just general junk. Apart from that email on the 19th, there has been very little information regarding the process from both Crowdcube and Curve. I would’ve thought perhaps an invite to an event for investors would’ve been issued by now, something that will explain to us all on where you plan to invest the money or what Development Programmes will be advanced off the back of this etc. I appreciate it was close to 10,000 investors, but I am sure not all would attend as worldwide. But something at least to share what is happening. This is the first time I have ever invested in a company before, so I am no professional on the timelines, but something at least would be expected.

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I had received an email by Crowdcube on the 27th September telling me that my investment would be processed within 72 hours. Going by the email our investments should be processed by tomorrow.


Hi frx,

Within the next 72 hours, we will be processing your investment in Curve.

Please make sure the funds are now available to ensure payment is processed successfully.

Card MasterCard ending XXXX

Card expiry date XX/XXXX

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email.

Best wishes,
The Crowdcube Team

Thanks. I don’t think I’ve been sent this…

Will dig through my junk etc.

I recon tonight at 12am most likely.

I’ve now just received an email to state payment has successfully been taken.

I had it declined actually as my card thought was fraudulent, luckily reattempted for second time and then changed card for third and final time with a success!

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Ditto…payment taken…

I guess now my major questions are:

  1. When do curve communicate dates and timeframes of perks to us.

  2. When does this new card arrive

  3. Does the free year for metal card renew from your original deadline of metal card (December in my case)

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Well I wasn’t fortunate enough to have been able to place down a large sum of money to take on those perks, but just information on timescales and what they plan to do with the money is key. Still strong on at least being offered a trip up to their offices to hold a form of AGM but with investors to discuss those points…

My payment was taken, Monzo informed me before Crowd Cube

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I got informed by Curve app that payment had been taken before Crowd Cube.

Money was taken last week, which is good. Now what? Do I have to remain signed up to Crowdcube or can I remove my account? Do I get anything from Curve to confirm. A lot of outstanding points that have yet to be answered…