NFC payment by app available?

I really don’t know if I have dreamed about it BUT… I was quite sure I have read somewhere that with Curve I would be able to pay by my phone using NFC & Curve app (NOT Google Pay, directly…).

But in my app (latest Android release) I have not found such option…?!?

It’s me that. I’m wrong or this option is available in some way (or to someone)? :thinking:

I think you might have read about Curve Pay.

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So it’s not available to “public”, right? :thinking:

OK, well… at least I’m still not crazy…!! :sweat_smile:

Actually it is:

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“You can use Curve Pay on Huawei devices supporting contactless payments” :expressionless:

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Officially yes, but the posts below describes the possibility to get this working on an Android (non-Huawei) phone. I did not try this myself, but I think it does make sense (you are basically turning your Android phone into a Huawei phone) and it’s not illegal to do this.

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I made some tests following your link tips…

I installed Huawei market app, from there I downloaded Curve app. It’s really BIG, about 5 times the stock one!! :flushed:

Please note you need to uninstall stock one before otherwise it’s impossible to download it…

Versions seem to be the same for both…

It starts, on intro pages it has just one more dot for the Tap pay feature!!

Then it asks to install HMS framework (Huawei customized services layer) searching it on Google Play (where is absent obviously…).

There I stopped. I could probably have found it BUT I know about issues between it and Revolut app (I have…) and I didn’t want any mess with it…

Hope it can help anyway…


Thx for reporting back.

HMS should be available in the Huawei app gallery as well. I think it’s called HMS core. So no need the risk to sideload it.
I have an Android phone (non Huawei) but have HMS installed for a syncing app between Huawei Health and Strava to be able to work.
I also have the Revolut app installed (the Google Playstore one) but don’t have issues.
Because my phone doesn’t have NFC (I have a smartwatch with that functionality) I don’t have the Curve app from the Huawei app gallery installed but I am running the Curve app from the Google Playstore (so obviously I don’t have the button add to Curve Pay, but though I don’t have NFC I have the button add to GooglePay).

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Looks like you might get Curve Pay to work on your non-Huawei Android phone if you download and install the Curve app from the Google Playstore by one of the links given in the linked topic above.
Countries where GooglePay is not officially available seem to have an ‘Enable Curve Pay’-button instead of an ‘Add to GPay’-button in their Curve app.

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I think it is tied to your country of residence

Google Pixel 5 (Slovenia):

Why do make (& maintain…) three different version of app when they could do only one and leave user the choice of what NFC payment to use?

It’s a non-sense… :roll_eyes:

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