NFC / QR Code Payment

It would be great if I were able to pay using Curve with my phone. Many phones nowadays have NFC otherwise include QR (or even barcode systems) as well.

In many countries, there are intermediaries already but they only support local cards. For example, I live in Portugal, and I can use the MB Way app on my phone for NFC/QR/barcode payments - but I can only link it to a Portuguese bank account. It would be great if I could use Curve the same way.

Portuguese here also. Just today at McDonalds, most costumers there were foreigners trying to use the self order machines and, of course, being unable to pay as the machines only accept Multibanco or MBWAY, not Visa or MasterCard.

There wasnt anything anywhere saying that the machines only took Multibanco and the employees there were running around, not having a clue as to what the problem was, just telling everyone that their cards were malfunctioning :joy:

I was able to use mbway via NFC just fine and then asked to speak to the shift manager there and explained why it was that foreign costumers weren’t able to use their cards or apple/Google pay mobile wallets to pay. After that the employees were briefed and were able to warn everyone that they couldn’t use the self order machines unless they had a Portuguese (Multibanco) card.

That is to say that Curve could develop an interesting niche by supporting Multibanco/mbway, something Revolut has said it’s working on, not only for Portuguese users but for UK users as 2 million Brits visit Portugal every year. For those people having a card that would work everywhere without any hassle or guessing would be a huge plus and those people would probably continue to use Curve once back in the UK


Now, it could be perfect Google Pay replacement for all Huawei Mate 30 Pro users.
Please consider it as additional reason to develop this feature.

The NFC part of your idea has been realised, at least for Huawei phones:

Interesting. Seems pretty shortsighted of McDonalds to not support internationally recognised cards!

Portugal really seem to struggle with supporting the same standards as the rest of the world when it comes to payments :thinking:

Nice! Huawei phones have NFC support via Curve Pay, maybe other android phones will receive support too!

I don’t think so, Curve Pay was only made for those who have a Huawei without GMS.