NL: Apple Pay declined at Albert Heijn

Good day fellow Dutchies,

Since a month or so I’m using Curve and I’m still debating if I’m gonna go premium or not due to cashbacks.

But I have tied two CCs to my curve account. With embarrassment mode ON.

I have activated Apple Pay via the Curve App and has been successfully activated at the Apple Wallet app.

Yesterday morning I tried using Apple Pay together with Curve. And as soon as I bring my phone or Apple Watch near the terminal to pay. I got card declined. Maybe a milli second in between. Normally you would expect contacting… couple of secs and then you got a declined message.

So know I’m wondering. Is it my account/card that has an issue? Or is it the merchant Albert Heijn?

Things I tried:
Removed the card en readded.
Tried different payment terminal.
Tried different time.

Haven’t tried yet at another store.
But I did used it via the CC itself and that works just fine.

Hi (fellow Dutchy here) and welcome to our community.

Was this at a ‘normal’ Albert Heijn? MasterCard (and Visa) is not accepted at most Albert Heijn’s (exceptions are AH-TO-GO’s and a couple ‘normal’ ones in Amsterdam and at Schiphol). When you add a Curve card to X pay it is still recognised by the POS terminal as a MasterCard.

Maestro will be replaced by MasterCard starting in 2023. So when that happens Albert Heijn will need to accept MasterCard.

When I try to pay with GooglePay at Albert Heijn with the wrong card selected (MasterCard/Visa instead of Maestro) it also gets declined directly. This is because the POS terminal is programmed to only accept Maestro/VPay).

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Thanks for your Welcome message and the clear reply. Now that I know that, I’m gonna go try at a different store in the next hour or so to test it out.

Thanks again Paul!


You are welcome!

Keep in mind that in the Netherlands there are still quite a lot of ‘stores’ that don’t accept MasterCard. A couple where MasterCard (most of the time) is accepted: HEMA, Kruidvat, Action, McDonald’s, Jumbo, Lidl, Aldi, petrol stations.

Happy testing!

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Haven’t found a merchant yet to accept Mastercard. Tried like 6 shops.

I’d guess we need to wait for the majority to accept mastercard.

ill go try HEMA next week :sweat_smile:

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