No Bonus after activation and spending with card

Hello. Yesterday I picked up the Curve card from the box, activated it as needed, added my credit card to the application, went to the store, paid it and the £ 5 bonus is still inactive, what else needs to be done?

Did you spend the £5 within 7 days of applying the referral code during your application?

How was I supposed to spend 5GBP within 7 days if the card was 9 days

Don’t shoot the messenger. :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as I know one gets (a) virtual card (details) that can be used before receiving and activating one’s physical Curve card.

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I think I know what’s going on, don’t you have to pay your bank card via the curve application? because I paid with plastic in the store, maybe wrong?

What went wrong is that you didn’t buy anything (of at least £5) within 7 days after your registration. If your physical Curve card did not arrive on time, you could have done so by using your virtual Curve card online or by using your virtual Curve card in a physical store by paying with ApplePay or GooglePay, after you had added your virtual Curve card to it.


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