No DCC prompts in the eurozone

Just want to give feedback on the curve card not being recognized as an UK card, so I don’t get the annoying DCC prompts everywhere like with Revolut and all other UK fintechs.

Don’t know if it’s just a feature of the card I got here in Portugal and maybe it’s issued as being from some Eurozone country or if all curve cards will work natively in the Eurozone.

Anyways, it’s great and it’s finally a UK fintech I can reccomend to family/friends who would otherwise be hit with DCC fees and blame the product/me who reccomended it to them


I have had DCC on the card in Hong Kong and Canada, but not in Spain. I seem to recall that the BIN used on its cards used to be used by Austrian bank, so maybe out of date terminals think it’s a Euro card? I know MasterCard is working on a way for issuers to block DCC on multi currency cards though.

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So far everywhere I’ve tried I never got a DCC prompt, which I get with all other UK cards. Even when adding the card to PayPal it got recognized as a euro card. When searching the bin online, it always says it’s from some American car leasing company

Interesting. Are you on the regular or commercial card? As that could explain the difference.

It’s the regular card, bin 553963

Just checked the bin in different sites and sometimes it’s an American credit union, sometimes described as a lease company or a credit card from Russia instead. These seem to the the only two results

Ah, see mine is 537591 (commercial based card), next time I’m out of the UK, I’ll see if I get any DCC prompts and get back to you.

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Mine is 537591 (Personal) and out of the UK. Haven’t tested it but will report soon.

I think it’s not a card matter. I have in 95% in Germany no question about to be charged currency. But in rare cases, mostly international hotels are doing that. PayPal is same, it does Auto conversion of currency to GBP if you have not disabled that. Some dealers offers this auto conversion and make money with it… I think every card has its „home currency“ and depending on dealer and setting of payment terminal it considers that. I think all curve can do it provide cards with EUR currency as home this avoids this at least the issue within EUR zone. Once you travel to other countries like UK, USA that can reappear. I had exactly the same with a Germany issued Barclaycard in UK, where the merchant asked me if I want to convert it to EUR.

Don’t trust free BIN databases, they are outdated. You need to use one with an up2date database. As a regular customer you won’t get a hand on those, you need a payment processor to look that up.

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My point is exactly that while with a Revolut card for example I get prompted every single time to convert to GBP, including with PayPal, with curve I don’t get any such prompts.

So either the card was issued as being from the Eurozone or curve has found a way to get rid of the DCC prompts by making the card recognize any currency as home currency. Haven’t yet used it with merchants whose home currency is not euro so cannot say for sure.

Even if it’s the former, it’s great that a UK company is issuing Eurozone cards to Eurozone users

@Telephoneman, the merchant’s terminal can detect only the country of issue. It then makes an assumption, often a false one, that the card is denominated in the currency of the county where it is issued. This is also a problem on debit cards issued on EUR accounts in the UK. Even if the card has physical € branding on it, merchants’ terminals cannot detect the currency, only the country.

Some terminals sure have the ability to determine a home currency. I have a Portuguese issued, from a Portuguese bank GBP card and it always asks for DCC

What’s the IIN (BIN)?

454475, the same as my EUR card from the same bank. The card is a dual scheme Multibanco/Visa card as all Portuguese cards, so it’s possible the terminals are reading the currency info from the Multibanco side and not Visa’s