No discount with LoungeKey on Curve Metal

I’m flying From Leeds to Geneva in a few weeks and thought it would be a good opportunity to use the Curve Metal LoungeKey.

I’ve registered on the website, and it looks like all the all lounges are £20 for members, £20 for guests.

So what’s the point of the loungekey?


Hey Nick! The value of the discount offered by LoungeKey for access to their lounges using Curve Metal varies depending on the specific lounge. I’m sorry that there were no savings available with your LoungeKey membership in this case.

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15 gbp per visit would be more reasonable for a card like metal.


If I pay cash, Montreal MasterCard lounge is only $27 Canadian, which is £16. Using Curve I will be charged £20.

At Birmingham airport, UK, I’ve also been able to get online deals better than £20.

This lounge key deal is worthless at £20.

With the number of users you need to push for a better deal or reduce Metal card subscription.


Hi @henry.woodcock, thanks for your feedback on this and I’m sorry to hear that you don’t feel that our Loungekey discount is competitive alongside other Loungekey deals. I’ll pass this feedback onto the relevant team for you so that they can discuss the terms of our agreement with Loungekey going forwards.

I think to an extent they are relying on people not doing the kind of due diligence you have undertaken and thinking they have gotten a discount when in actual fact Curve have pocketed the difference between the two levels.

It would be interesting to find out which Curve Metal lounge accesses work out cheaper with the card.

My guess is precisely zero.

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Let’s hope they actually do something about the price…