No emails today - 27.1.2019

Hey team,

Myself and my partner are not getting any emails from Curve today when we spend. Anything going wrong on your side?

Also, all of today’s transactions are showing as pending, they usually clear from pending straight away.

Hey @navragarad,

Everything seems to be fine on my account, and I’ve had a couple of emails and transactions today, so I would give the support team a message.

You can do it by choosing any of the pending transactions you see on your timeline and then choosing the option at the bottom “question about this transaction. They’ll be able to look at your account and help accordingly :smile:


Thanks for the fast reply. I’ve reached out to support.

Same for me, all transactions showing as pending.

Same here. All transactions pending, no emails or Curve Rewards. Started on Friday night, opened a support ticket yesterday afternoon.

Oh I’m glad we are not the only ones! I opened a ticket also.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for contacting support! I’ll post an update as soon as I have one.

Thanks Marie!

I cannot roll a transaction back in time, so it’s super annoying. I’ll hold tight!

The transactions should be captured now and have the emails up and running again. Are you receiving them?

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Yes, seems fine now. Thank you.