No estimated time on Card arrival

I don’t know if anyone else is getting this issue but I can’t see an estimated time on delivery if my card. I ordered it on the 26th of Dec and I’m living in the UK

Hey, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do on the forum as we don’t have access to your account here. It’s best to get in touch with our support team through email ( or Twitter DM so they can take a look!

Hey @Darryl1996 welcome to the Community!

If you’re in the UK then your card should arrive within 3-5 after ordering. However, we’re still seeing some delays due to the holiday period so I’d allow up to 2 weeks for your card to arrive.

As Dann mentioned, we can’t check this here but if it hasn’t arrived in 2 weeks then pop a message to the support team and they can look into it for you.

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