No insurance number with black. Where do I get one?

Hi, I ordered Black card. It was promised, that I get insurance number by e-mail the same moment I order card, but I have not. I asked support about the number 2 weeks go, but I have still not got my insurance number. I am traveling and I would very much like to get my insurance number, because I have no insurance protection without it.

There is no insurance number in app like also promised. And I can not cancel my order, as I have not received the card. What should I do to get the insurance number or cancel the card?

Try calling the phone number on the back of your card or write support (Again!) including the word ”urgent” in it.

Those two answers are, unfortunately, the best and the only response that you are going to get here on the forum. No one here have access to your account, so you are just going to be referred back to support (or the ”Customer Experience Team”…).

I don’t remember if you get this option right away, but I think I had it when I upgraded to Metal.

In the Account tab of your Curve app, at least on Android, there should be an Insurance Details option, which displays your insurance number and details.

On iOS if you go to account in the bottom left, then click on ‘insurance details’ it gives you the phone number.

It seems to be, that one has to activate his/her card to get access to insurance policy number. I have not received my card, so no policy number :(. Will keep bombing support.