No investor's card from year 2019

I’m still waiting on my Investor Card and promised benefits. Any chance I will still get it?

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Have you already contacted Curve Support about this? What did they tell you?

I have just written to them, after others also have indicated that they have not received it.

In that case, just wait for a reply. As we are a user community, we don’t have access to your account, so we can’t see what might possibly went wrong.


just a quick question - if I remember correctly the investors from 2019 who invested at least 50,-€ should have been rewarded with a RED curve card - is that right?

If you invested £10 (or more, but less than £1000) you received the red plastic investor card.

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ho - thank you for your answer + the article :slight_smile: sadly I didn’t received anything :frowning: have to try to contact Curve Support :slight_smile: