No magic link email after updating app

Hi all, my android phone updated the app a few weeks ago and I was asked to login to the app. As I’m already a user, it says to check my email for a magic link. The magic link doesn’t appear in my inbox or spam/junk folder. I’ve logged a case with support, but only had automated emails saying sorry for the day for 2 weeks! Any thoughts on getting this fixed?

Many thanks,


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Try to update it to the newest android version, there was 1 released today again, might fix it. Also try to remove the app first so all app data gets removed from the phone.

Hi Phil,

Have you opted out of email communication from Curve, included marketing emails?

Hi Lucas, I saw the update this morning and tried, but made no difference. I’ve uninstalled and tried again too, but no luck!

Hi Marie, it could be possible, but as I can’t login, it’s impossible for me to check or change the option to get emails. Know anyone who can help?

So it turns out that I’ve opted out of emails from curve, which also stops me ever logging back in again! Support manually changed my preferences back as its currently impossible for me to change that setting without logging in.

Are you no longer able to access the app?

We will separate the email streams in the future to ensure customers who opts out of marketing emails still receive their magic links.

Hi @Curve_Marie, all sorted now. Many thanks, Phil

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