No me llega sms de activación

Me he registrado con la cuenta Google (en lugar desde correo electrónico) y no me llega mi sms de activación. Mi servicio de sms funciona correctamente y me llegan otros sms

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You may try the ‘trick’ below

Not working for me. Im from Spain, mu pone number start with 6 and i tries
+34 6xxxxx
+34 346xxx
+34 46xxxx
+49 346xxx

I cant sign up with google

Of course these

were not going to work since these are actually different/wrong phone numbers. Assuming your number is +34 6xxxxx, what may have worked would have been:

+3 46xxxxx
+346 xxxxx

My phone number is +31 6xxxxxxxx and what worked for me (for GooglePay) was changing it to +3 16xxxxxxxx.

If this is still not working for you, send an email (in English) to

But +3 and +346 dont exist

They actually do… because for Curve there is no difference between

+34 6
+3 46

All are seen as +346.

Assuming your phone number starts with +34 6 then the numbers below are the numbers that don’t exist and will not get you the verification sms for sure:

+34 346xxx
+34 46xxxx
+49 346xxx


I cant modify the prefix, i can select the country only

Ah ok, that’s what you meant with “don’t exist”.

For me, but I already finished the Curve registration process, it is possible to change the prefix.

In that case I don’t see any possible solution for you to get the verification sms without help of Curve support, contact support by email (

Ok I contacted with them thank you

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